Marton Nemes to exhibit at Venice Biennale

The work of artist Marton Nemes, curated by Budapest's Ludwig Museum of contemporary art, will be exhibited in the Hungarian pavilion at the Venice Biennale opening on April 20.
5. April 2024 5:16

Mate Vincze, the deputy state secretary for public collections and cultural development, told a press conference that the Hungarian pavilion has also been revamped for the upcoming show. The Art Nouveau building designed by Geza Maroti and finished in 1909 was last renovated in 2000, he noted.

Nemes’s multimedia work, “Techno Zen”, is designed to affect all senses while focusing on colour, Vincze said.

Julia Fabenyi, the museum’s director, noted that this year’s central exhibition at the Bienale, Foreigners Everywhere, is curated by Brazilian Adriano Pedrosa.

According to the museum’s website, Nemes draws on techno subculture and digital imaging as well as the traditions of abstract painting. “The installation is multisensory: its optical, acoustic and haptic content unfolds through the combined effects of light and colour range, object and light movement, sound and wavelength, as well as airflow,” the website said.

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