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International theatre festival to feature 16 productions from 12 countries

The 8th Madach International Theatre Meeting (MITEM) will feature 16 productions from 12 countries at the National Theatre in Budapest between April 20 and May 8, the organisers said on Monday.
8. February 2022 6:13

The opening event of the festival will be Hamlet by the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj from Romania and the programme includes theatre groups from Bosnia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam.

State secretary for culture Peter Fekete told the press that culture could act as “an engine for the restart of life” in the downward period of the pandemic.

National Theatre Attila Vidnyanszky said that for the first time in MITEM’s history, performances from Bosnia and Vietnam were included in the programme which also features circus, dance and puppet shows.

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