Kati Verebics: S.'s seashell (S. kagylója)

I Can See You – 22 Portraits

Virtual space offers a thousand ways to follow each other and to show one’s face. Wherever we are on the planet, it is like weare watching each other and technology has evolved to the point where we can identify and sometimes even foreground the images we see on social media. Even though the face as is shown in virtuality is often a more idealised image of us, not necessarily honest, but rather trying to meet certain expectations.
10. October 2023 13:43

The painter sees something else, pausing a moment and looking behind the masks, the games, making a story out of the moment. This is a much deeper insight than encountering the uninteresting succession of images that flood us daily. And perhaps it teaches us to face and see each other again.

Twenty-two painters were asked to contribute portraits to the outdoor exhibition that they had painted either last year or this year. It does not matter if it is a fictitious face, a self-portrait or the face of someone well known, but they must be from the present. We were curious to know which faces have captured the imagination of our contemporary artists during this period. Twenty-two portraits emerged with hidden and clearly visible gazes.

Jozsef Szurcsik’s Extended reality (Kibontott valóság)

Standby Projekt’s open-air exhibition at Budapest’s Kodály Kőrönd opens at 6 pm on Wednesday.


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