Hungarian Pavilion of the 60th Venice Biennale opens

The Hungarian Pavilion of the 60th Venice Biennale has opened with the installation Techno Zen by Marton Nemes, which is already causing waves of excitement, a government official said after its opening on Thursday.
19. April 2024 5:50

Mate Vincze, a deputy state secretary of cultural developments, told MTI that the Hungarian Pavilion had already attracted “huge interest” and was becoming the “star” of the Biennale.

Nemes’s work goes beyond painting, with metal, music and lights also part of the installation. The state secretary said Techno Zen evoked the world of the sub-culture of the nineties, reminding us of the “happy twentieth century”, and on the other hand, the shaman drums used for the installation also referred to the ancient tradition in which the Hungarians represent reflexive thinking and peace in the world.

The installation is the result of complex work, to which artists working under the auspices of the Ludwig Museum of contemporary art in Budapest collaborated with Nemes.

Vincze thanked the Ludwig Museum’s director, Julia Fabenyi, the national commissioner of the biennale.

At the event, Fabenyi said the combination of visual experience, sound, movement and a wide variety of image techniques, offered a new level of experience, something startling which took people away from their comfort zone.

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