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Former Literature Museum director Demeter appointed National Museum director

Szilard Demeter, the director of the Petofi Museum of Literature (PIM) has won the bid to serve as next director of the Hungarian National Museum, the minister of culture said on Tuesday.
28. February 2024 6:47

Speaking to an evening round table programme on public cultural TV channel M5, Janos Csak said Demeter “is in the first place a philosopher, but is one of the rare people who has worked in the EU, led a whole institutional system while preserving its profile as a literary author”.

Demeter has been selected from among ten contenders and will take up his post on March 6, the minister said.

He said that a new centre named Szechenyi Ferenc Public Collection Centre comprising six cultural institutions would be set up and operated “as a holding”.

It will bring under one roof the National Museum, the National Szechenyi Library, PIM, the Hungarian Natural Science Museum, the Museum of Applied Arts and the Hungarian Museum of Commerce and Hospitality.

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