Disciples of Dora Maurer show opens in London

An exhibition entitled Disciples of Dora Maurer has opened to the public in London, according to a government statement on Friday.
14. August 2021 7:32

During Hungary’s communist rule, Maurer, born in 1937, was a key figure among artists, poets and musicians working outside of the regime who showed their works in apartments and published in underground journals.

The exhibition first shown to the press in the Hungarian Embassy in London on June 29 is now open to the public at the David Kovats Pop-up Gallery in Covent Garden until Sept. 19.

Hinton Magazine said the show provided a clear and comprehensive picture of Hungarian contemporary art.

The artists on show include Maria Chilf, Marton Cserny, Barbara Nagy, Zoltan Szegedy-Maszak and Andras Wolsky.

Two years ago Maurer’s solo exhibition opened at the Tate Modern with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the statement noted. The current exhibition showcases Maurer as a teacher who “inspired contemporary Hungarian art”, it added.

Art Market Budapest and David Kovats’s gallery made a big impact in London since last year, Mate Vincze, the head of Hungary’s Cultural Institute in London said in the statement.

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