Collegium Hungaricum shows Best of Esterhazy Art Award in Berlin

An exhibition featuring winners of the prestigious Esterhazy Art Award given to young Hungarian contemporary artists is on display in the Collegium Hungaricum cultural centre in Berlin, the centre said on Friday.
10. July 2021 7:37

The exhibition entitled The Island of Luck – Best of Esterhazy Art Award shows titles by six artists reflecting on how “we all became isolated as an island” during the long months of the coronavirus pandemic, it said in a statement.

Their artworks are also an illustration of “the positive aspect of self-isolation during the pandemic’s last months and the prospects of happiness”, it said.

The featured young artists include Jozsef Csato, Mira Dalma Makai, Imre Nagy, Marton Nemes, Peter Puklus and Kata Tranker.

The exhibition will run until August 19.

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