Budapest 151 – Through the painters’ eyes

Budapest celebrates its 151st birthday this year, which could be regarded as our alternative year of remembrance to the anniversary that was commemorated in 2023. In an exhibition entitled Sleepless, contemporary painters who get inspired by Budapest, capturing urban existence in their paintings, reveal their work in Zikkurat Gallery.
24. March 2024 6:20

There are those who look at the capital from a larger perspective, those who are captivated by the busy streetlife of the city. There artists who depicts emptiness of the suburbs to the canvas, who paint deserted public spaces or see alienation through the crowd, and also some who get lost in the details of a single building.

Surreal visions of Budapest also emerge, but there are artists who cannot separate themselves from the blue buses and the yellow trams, and elevate them to be the defining entities of urban life. While collecting the artworks it was interesting to find Budapest-inspired contemporary artists who are not typical “painters of the city”, yet some of their paintings bring back the urban milieu.

Although works mostly by figurative artists, mainly from the middle generation will be on display, some abstract works will also be exhibited. The title of the exhibition was inspired by Márton Takáts’ mystical, poignant work that depicts a part of a bridge also titled Sleepless, which with its personal drama creates an eternal sleeplessness of urban life.

The exhibition is organised by the Standby Project and will be shown at the Zikkurat Gallery of the National Theatre between 4-26 April.

Supported by SDG Foundation, Körönd Koncepció Kft, Championwine.

Zsombor Barakonyi
Levente Baranyai
Emese Bács
Győző Byhon
Mihály Bucskó
Zsuzsanna Gesztelyi-Nagy
Attila Kondor
Sára Osgyányi
Orsolya Péntek
Szabó Ábel
Ágnes Szikra
Márton Takáts
Kati Verebics
Péter Weiler

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