Ader opens Bosch exhibition in Museum of Fine Arts

One of the largest exhibitions of Hieronymus Bosch in the past fifty years opened in Budapest's Museum of Fine Arts on Friday.
9. April 2022 6:23

Original paintings by Bosch have come from Paris, Boston, Madrid, Berlin, Frankfurt and Rotterdam, President Janos Ader noted at the opening event. The exhibition also includes works by his contemporaries from the master’s workshop, as well as illustrations, drawings and high-quality copies that can help viewers understand the artist.

The ten original paintings on show in Budapest represent almost half of Bosch’s life work that have survived the centuries, Ader said.

Museum of Fine Arts director Laszlo Baan said that the show was not only the largest ever Bosch exhibition in central Europe but globally one of the most significant Bosch exhibitions of recent decades.

Nearly fifty prestigious public and private collections have lent works for the Budapest exhibition, he added.

Larry Silver, an art historian and professor emeritus at University of Pennsylvania, told the event that the exhibition represented a milestone in Bosch research. It also includes painted manuscripts, drawings and sculptures that were posssibly the basis of Bosch’s inventions, he added.

The exhibition comprising a total of 90 works runs until July 17.

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