“The Greatest Escape” by Neil Churches (published by Macmillan)

The day an entire POW camp slipped away

Great, greater, greatest .... The film “The Great Escape” from 1963 immortalised the break-out by 76 Allied prisoners-of-war from the supposedly escape-proof Stalag Luft III camp in Germany in March 1944. But greater than great, apparently, was “The Greatest Escape”, the most successful POW ...

Hungary GDP at 77 percent of EU average

Hungarian GDP is 77 percent of the European Union average, up from 75 percent in 2022, the head of the prime minister's office said on Friday, adding that its performance belied the "crowing of leftist experts and the opinions of the central bank".

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Szijjarto: Water challenges could trigger unmanageable migration crises

Unless the international community takes global challenges around water seriously, the world could face more international conflicts and unmanageable migration crises, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said, addressing the United Nations 2023 Water Conference in New York on Friday.

DK: Government, not sanctions causing inflation

Hungary's singularly high inflation is the result of government policies rather than EU sanctions against Russia, the deputy leader of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) said on Friday.

Bakondi: Migration pressure constant in winter

The pressure of migration remained constant during the winter period, and all arrivals, without exception, reached the borders with the help of people smugglers, the prime minister's chief domestic security advisor said on Friday.

Hungarian maestros delight audiences at Inclassica 2023 with works from multiple artists

Hungarian stars present music by Alexey Shor in Dubai

Hungary's classical music heritage was on full display at the 2023 InClassica International Music Festival, as dozens of the nation’s musicians travelled to Dubai across the course of the month-long event, delighting concert-goers gathered together from all over the world.

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Szijjarto: Hungary objects to ‘severing’ EU-Chinese economic ties

Hungary is firmly against "severing" the European Union's economic cooperation with China in a move to "override economic realities with political considerations", and instead calls for shaping mutually advantageous relations, the minister of foreign affairs and trade said in Stockholm on Friday.

Szijjarto: Hungary supporting least developed countries

Hungary is ready to continue taking a fair share in supporting the world's least developed countries to strengthen their stability and prevent future waves of migration, the foreign minister said in Qatar on Tuesday.

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Egis favipiravir drug licenced for Covid-19 treatment

A new drug with the active ingredient favipiravir manufactured by Hungarian pharmaceutical company Egis has been licenced for treatment of Covid-19 by the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYEI), the institute said on Saturday.

PM says he is convinced Trump will win

Orbán: New EU migration pact could force Hungary to welcome migrants

Hungary does not support the new migration and refugee package presented by the European Commission on Wednesday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told Reuters newswire on Friday. Under the package, Hungary's commitment to send people back from the southern EU states like Italy or Greece, ...