Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told parliament on Monday that “Hungary’s enemies”, which he described as “the Soros empire, Brussels bureaucrats and American democrats”, were ready to make concerted demands in the autumn aimed at resurrecting the period in which Ferenc Gyurcsany, the one-time Socialist prime minister, governed. “We can’t accept this; we don’t want to go back where they want to lead us, to the Gyurcsany era,” he said in an address to parliament.

Szijjarto: Paks power plant upgrade progressing on schedule

The upgrade of the Paks nuclear power plant, a key investment to guaranteeing Hungary's energy security, environmental protection and competitiveness, is progressing on schedule, the minister of foreign affairs and trade said in Vienna on Monday.

LMP to offer ‘alternative to government, opposition’

LMP will offer a "third-way alternative" in Hungarian politics, one that is markedly different from the policies of either the government or the other opposition parties, the deputy leader of the party said ahead of the opening of parliament's autumn session on Monday.

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Gross wages up 15.2 percent, real wages drop 2 percent in July

In July 2023 full-time employees’ average gross earnings were HUF 559,100 and average net earnings with tax benefits reached HUF 385,600. Average gross earnings and average net earnings increased by 15.2% and 15.1%, respectively, while real earnings decreased by 2.0%, compared with a year ...

LMP calls for energy minister to resign

Opposition party LMP is calling on Energy Minister Csaba Lantos to resign as according to them a government decree that came into effect on Friday favours polluting and environmentally destructive companies.

Gulyas: Hungary supports ensuring rights of Ukraine Hungarians

The Hungarian government supports ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia, including "promotion of their fundamental rights and restoring their rights to use the (Hungarian) language," Gergely Gulyas, the head of the Hungarian Prime Minister's Office, said at a ceremony opening the new academic year at the ...

CoE calls on Hungary to stop removal of asylum seekers

The Council of Europe Committee of Ministers has expressed concern over Hungary's removal of illegal migrants seeking asylum from Hungarian territory to the Serbian side of the border between the two countries and called on Hungary to submit an action plan by June next ...

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Mauritius a bastion of high-end tourism in the Indian Ocean

The current season in Mauritius is winter this time. This means a pleasant warm 28 degrees with bright sunshine. First impressions are always important and I am extremely curious. The breeze gently moves the sugar cane plantations along the roadside, the first thing that ...

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Egis favipiravir drug licenced for Covid-19 treatment

A new drug with the active ingredient favipiravir manufactured by Hungarian pharmaceutical company Egis has been licenced for treatment of Covid-19 by the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYEI), the institute said on Saturday.

PM says he is convinced Trump will win

Orbán: New EU migration pact could force Hungary to welcome migrants

Hungary does not support the new migration and refugee package presented by the European Commission on Wednesday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told Reuters newswire on Friday. Under the package, Hungary's commitment to send people back from the southern EU states like Italy or Greece, ...