Fidesz: Karacsony refusing to answer questions on City Hall case

Instead of answering questions, Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony was "busy making accusations" at Monday's meeting of the investigative committee set up to examine allegations that the city administration was planning to sell the City Hall building, a Fidesz district mayor has said.

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Hungary, Austria to boost criminal investigation cooperation

Hungary and Austria have agreed to set up a joint criminal investigation unit, organise joint patrols and expand information sharing on criminal cases, Interior Minister Sandor Pinter said after talks with his Austrian counterpart in Budapest.

NBH renews call on Revolut to set up Hungarian unit

Revolut Bank should conduct its activities in Hungary as a subsidiary, with a local HQ and capitalisation, the Hungarian central bank (NBH) said on Tuesday, renewing its call on the bank, last made in September, to start the licencing procedure for a local unit.

Interview with Dr. Thomas Narbeshuber, Vice President of BASF South Central Europe

“We fully support the Green Deal”

It's getting hot, not only for climate forecasts but also for the debate about the EU's most ambitious project in terms of environmental protection: the Green Deal. One well-versed in the subject is Dr. Thomas Narbeshuber. The Vice President of BASF South Central Europe ...

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Launch of English version of Weekly Fortepan blog

Hungary’s family photo album on better display

The online repository of 156,000-and-growing Hungarian photos taken from 1900 to 1990 and now posted in the Fortepan digital archive has been running a weekly article in a blog named Heti Fortepan for the past year, and now an English edition has been launched ...

A year and a half could be a lifetime for Ozzy Osbourne

As the possessor of one of the most famously befuddled minds in the annals of rock ‘n’ roll excess, it seems entirely appropriate that there might be some confusion around the date when geriatric Ozzy Osbourne will finally give his twice-postponed shock show in ...

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Egis favipiravir drug licenced for Covid-19 treatment

A new drug with the active ingredient favipiravir manufactured by Hungarian pharmaceutical company Egis has been licenced for treatment of Covid-19 by the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYEI), the institute said on Saturday.

PM says he is convinced Trump will win

Orbán: New EU migration pact could force Hungary to welcome migrants

Hungary does not support the new migration and refugee package presented by the European Commission on Wednesday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told Reuters newswire on Friday. Under the package, Hungary's commitment to send people back from the southern EU states like Italy or Greece, ...