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Someone once told me that their birthday was on 16 June. Ah, I said, you were born on Bloomsday. They looked at me, cluelessly. In explaining what I meant, I realised that I was innately proud of a man I’d never met and a book I’d yet to read: James Joyce and Ulysses.

Orbán: Energy from Central Asia needed in Europe

Visiting Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Friday highlighted the need for Europe to receive energy from Central Asia, "and we need new sources, routes and infrastructure for this". Orbán said in a statement that relations between Turkmenistan and Hungary were "predictable, reliable ...

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Menczer: Paks 2 vital to Hungary’s energy security

The project to expand the Paks nuclear power station is a vital component of Hungary's energy security and its ability to maintain lower energy bills for consumers, a government official has said, responding to a report that Ukraine wanted to obstruct the construction of ...

Almost 1,500 localities support parliament’s pro-peace resolution

The heads of 1,492 Hungarian settlements have pledged their support for parliament's pro-peace resolution adopted in March in connection with the war in Ukraine, Karoly Szita, the head of the Association of Cities with County Rights, said in Kaposvar, in south-western Hungary, on Friday.

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Construction sector output falls by 9.8 percent in March

Output of Hungary's construction sector slipped by 9.8 percent year-on-year in March, falling for the fourth month in a row, albeit at a slower pace, data released by the Central Statistical Office (KSH) on Monday show.

Finance Minister: 2024 budget ‘defence budget’

Finance Minister Mihaly Varga said the 2024 draft budget would be a "defence budget", protecting the country's security, families, pensions, jobs and the utility price caps. Varga told a regular government press briefing on Thursday that an unstable world economic environment, "failed European Union ...

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Egis favipiravir drug licenced for Covid-19 treatment

A new drug with the active ingredient favipiravir manufactured by Hungarian pharmaceutical company Egis has been licenced for treatment of Covid-19 by the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYEI), the institute said on Saturday.

PM says he is convinced Trump will win

Orbán: New EU migration pact could force Hungary to welcome migrants

Hungary does not support the new migration and refugee package presented by the European Commission on Wednesday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told Reuters newswire on Friday. Under the package, Hungary's commitment to send people back from the southern EU states like Italy or Greece, ...