Moya, Ciarán and Pól Brennan and their uncles Noel and Pádraig Duggan, who died in 2016, became a six-piece from 1980-82 with the addition of Enya Brennan, who went on to have her own successful solo career as simply Enya.

The multi-award winning band has done more than any other group to take Irish music and language to a worldwide audience. Fusing elements of traditional Irish music and more contemporary folk, new age and rock they have created a unique and ethereal sound that combines haunting melodies and mesmerising vocals to transcend time while appealing to many ages.

Clannad has collaborated with diverse artists including Bruce Hornsby, Steve Perry, JD Souther, Paul Young and Duke Special, but easily their most successful collaboration was with enthusiastic supporter and fan Bono of U2.

This is their farewell tour in Europe. "We had discussed prior to our world tour in 2013-2015 whether it would be our farewell tour... but since Pádraig passed we made the decision that our next tour would definitely be our last," the band says.

"And we plan to make it a very special and memorable final journey… and to accompany this journey we are very pleased to be releasing the ’In a Lifetime’ anthology which we hope will leave our fans with a lasting musical legacy."

Tickets for Budapest are available via, and

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