The festival, in its fourth year, has two highlighted exhibitions as a frame: the opening international show and a Hungarian contemporary overview. The emphasis, – next to the two highlighted exhibitions – is on the presentation of the national and international contemporary scene, by the program of the biggest galleries, museums and the international cultural institutes of the Hungarian capital.

The festival involves many public and professional programs, plus lectures, workshops, a photo-marathon, museum educational events, portfolio review, etc.

Budapest-based international partners involved are the Institut Francais, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Cervantes Institute, Czech Center, Korean Cultural Center, Mexican Embassy, Österreich Institut, Polish Institute, Slovak Institute and the Yunus Emre Enstitüsü Turkish cultural centre,

Museum partners are the Műcsarnok (Kunstahale), Kiscelli Museum, Petőfi Literary Museum, Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Hungarian Olympic and Sports Museum, Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism, Museum of Military History, Szabó Ervin Central Library, Kisgaléria and the biggest galleries: Artphoto Gallery, ArtBázis, Bartók 32 Gallery, D17 Gallery, Deák Erika Gallery, Faur Zsófi Gallery, FISE Gallery, FUGA – Budapest Center of Architecture, Három Hét Gallery, HybridArt Space, K.A.S. Gallery, Molnár Ani Gallery, MyMuseum, Platán Gallery, TOBE Gallery, Várfok Project Room and Viltin Gallery, Ybl Buda Creative House.

To represent the younger generation, the festival presents many public programs involving the significant members of the photographic scene: Moholy-Nagy Art University, the Hungarian Press Agency, Fortepan, National Association of Hungarian Journalists, Pictorial Collective and the National Association of Hungarian Artists.

The festival is under the patronage of the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Budapest, supported by the Municipality and the Photo European Network.

1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 37
Tel: (06-1) 460-7000
Open 10am-6pm daily
Thursday Noon-8pm
Closed Monday

Budapest Photo Festival until April 20


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