The exhibition, titled Paintings For Eternity, is on display at the Gallery of Young Artists in District VI's Hotel Benczúr until February 13. As well as art by the master himself, 10 students are featured: Ravasz Gizella, Patrició Baeza, Kóra Ilona, Major László Sándor, Imre Anna, Kesztyűs Tibor, Réthy Arnold, Komandi Magdi, Lajos Panna and Serdült Erika Irén.

The last named of these, Serdült Erika Irén, has three notable portraits on display, showing Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa and Hungary's first cosmonaut, Farkas Bertalan, both painted in oil, and poet and revolutionary Petőfi Sándor in watercolour. Most of the other exhibits are paintings too but they mix in some work with kinetics, light installations, ceramics and a few photos.


Kesztyűs' name is well-known in connection with many national, international, individual and grouped exhibitions. He has introduced himself on several continents with his paintings, graphics and caricatures painted with oil-, and enamel-ceramic and silicone artistic paint a number of times, and many museums and art collectors treasure his works in Hungary and abroad.


Three times he has been awarded with a silver medal at the international graphics- and humour-biennale in Ancona, Italy, has been awarded with an international bronze medal number at an international in Havana, Cuba, and has received a number of diplomas in Montreal, Canada; Guadalajara, Mexico; Gabrovo, Bulgaria; and Prague, Czech Republic.

Hotel Benczúr
Budapest, Benczúr u. 35, 1068
Phone: (06-1) 479-5650

Paintings For Eternity
Until February 13

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