The Lady in Red is an emblematic position created by Kempinski Hotels a decade back. The unique brand ambassador welcomes guests in each one of the elegant luxury hotel brand, and so every Kempinski is currently paying tribute to their distinguished ladies.

At Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest there are usually four filling the role (one of them is on maternity leave at present) and they are surprising guests with various birthday activities from 17-26 January 2020.


Anna Barbulska, a Bulgarian who previously worked at Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Bansko in her home country, is now a Lady in Red at the Budapest Kempinski. She says: "A Lady in Red is no mere wallflower. We are approachable, attentive and curious but discrete and cultivated at the same time, good-mannered, polite but also discerning. We all share the Kempinski perspective on luxury that it must be rare, must be felt and must be original. In fact, we are always ready to pick up on small hints that might reveal how we can add a dash of magic to a guest's stay."

She recounts one such occasion: "I was checking out a regular guest and it came to my attention that every time he departed he had lots of extra bags, and I was curious to know what he was getting from Budapest. He said he was in love with the Hungarian cuisine and that every time he came, he bought a lot of paprika, spices and salami and that he was cooking at home.

"As we were celebrating his 50th stay next time, I wanted to surprise him with a special cookbook with Hungarian recipes only. He was really touched and could not wait to go back home and start cooking. Now every time when he arrives he shares pictures of his recent home-made Hungarian dishes."


The ladies' role is described as being to provide a genuinely personalised and intuitive guest experience based on cultural empathy, guest intelligence and an understanding of each individual visitor's needs.

On arrival in a Kempinski, no matter the continent, the Lady in Red family is instantly recognisable: dressed in a striking and elegant tailor-made red outfit that reflects the sartorial traditions in each destination, they aim to evoke an authentic sense of place and occasion showcasing the cultural nuance and classic European elegance for which Kempinski is known worldwide.

Benedikt Jaschke, Chief Quality Officer Kempinski Hotels and member of the Management Board, explains: "The Lady in Red is a local expert who knows everything there is to know about our hotels and the destination. Whether it's a special anniversary celebration, a surprise proposal or a once-in-a-lifetime family holiday, they draw upon their passion for craftsmanship, gastronomy and local culture to ensure visitors are well-equipped to live unforgettable memories every time they visit.

"Essentially, the Lady in Red was meant to replace the rather old-fashioned guest relations position, which was not iconic at all. We were looking for the extra sparkle of a unique personality with unique responsibilities who is easy to recognise."


The 150-plus Ladies in Red come from all walks of life and from more than 30 countries. There are even some Gentlemen in Red, for example at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin, and they can be readily recognised by their red tie and red socks.

About Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest: The property defines contemporary luxury in its outfitting, as well as service, in the heart of Budapest. Boldly modern, and recently redesigned and renovated, it offers 314 attractive rooms and 37 chic suites. A signature concept, Gastronomic Quarter Downtown Budapest, includes Austro-Hungarian ÉS Bisztró, ÉS Deli, New Japanese Nobu Restaurant, The Living Room and Blue Fox The Bar. Kempinski The Spa features a unique hungarymud treatment, and Kempinski Gallery shows modern Hungarian art. Ten Rooms is the hotel's meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) solutions delivered on a full floor of state-of-the-art and flexible spaces, while The Kitchen Caters provides full-service catering management at or outside Kempinski Corvinus.

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