In an interview with the website, Gulyás said the ruling parties need to show tangible achievements that Hungarians can perceive in everyday life and need to communicate those achievements clearly in order to garner the voters' support.

Gulyás said the last three elections had demonstrated that Fidesz-KDNP, and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, "know the spirit of the Hungarian nation better than anyone". Orbán takes care to keep channels of communication open where he can get direct feedback from voters on specific government decisions, Gulyás said. All that made it "unlikely that Fidesz would nominate someone other than Orbán as prime minister in 2022".

Speaking of Fidesz's opponents, Gulyás called the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) the strongest among opposition parties, adding though that DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány seems to have little support among young voters.

Gulyás called Momentum, which saw an upswing during the EU parliamentary and local elections last year, "a reincarnation of the [now defunct liberal] SZDSZ party but with weaker intellectual capital and even weaker ties to their own homeland".

Speaking of Fidesz's membership in the European People's Party in the European Parliament, he said Fidesz's staying or leaving the party family is a watershed for the EPP. "Without Fidesz and its European allies, the EPP will not be able to remain the Christian Democrat, centre-right, conservative alliance it was at its conception in the 1970s."

Leaving the grouping would be the "beginning of the end" for the EPP and the "beginning of something new for Fidesz", Gulyás said.

He noted that relations with Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony, who won the seat from Fidesz-backed István Tarlós in October, are "correct for the time being" and there are no "personal obstacles to cooperation in Budapest's interests between the government and the municipality".

Deutsch: Fidesz to decide itself on EPP membership

Fidesz, whose membership in the European People's Party (EPP) has been suspended, will decide itself which European party group it wishes to belong to in future, Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch has told daily Magyar Nemzet. "A decision will not be taken about Fidesz, rather the decision will be taken by the party itself," Deutsch insisted. He said his party had not been officially notified about completion of an EPP report concerning its membership but Fidesz would welcome the document. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the leader of Fidesz, announced on March 20 last year that Fidesz would "unilaterally suspend its membership" until ad hoc committees of both Fidesz and the EPP complete their reports on the matter, Deutsch noted.

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