“Community” is a performance devised within the international project Our Lives, with the latter running from 2017 until 2019 and dealing with the topic of lives and ways of living within Europe through artistic means of theatre improvisation. It is a stage piece that involves artists from five European countries, performers from different cultural, economic and political environments, also with different political standpoints.

Within their stage piece they are opening societal and political topics, dealing with them not from a general or theoretical entry point, but through personal experiences and stories of the performers and through the relationships they have with each other.

It is an improvisational piece with a strong artistic vision, devised and performed by international masters of improvisation, combining physical theatre, clowning, dance, sounding, music, various improvisational backgrounds and the passion for exploring the idea of community.

“Community” is an artistic response to the Europe of today where nationalism and xenophobia are rising, right-wing populism is strong, inequalities are growing, international corporations are gaining power over governments, environmental and human catastrophies are at the doorstep, and physical and mental fences are being built all around.

The piece is about co-creation, collaboration and co-existence between people of different cultural, economic and political backgrounds. For videos and cast go to: Community page.

Momentán (that also took part in the Our Lives project) welcomes this unique international show played in six different languages.

Director and co-author: Maja Dekleva Lapajne

Performers and co-authors: Alexander Georgiev Mitrev, Audrius Bružas, Maja Dekleva Lapajne, Mia Møller

Co-author: Alenka Marinič, Beatrix Brunschko, Gilles Delvaulx

Live music composer and co-author: Hannu Risku

Executive producer: Marie Wellmann

Artistic counsellors: Christoph Jungmann, Matthieu Loos, Michaela Puchalková

Production: Kolektiv Narobov

Co-production: Zavod Federacija, Gorilla Theater, Combats Absurdes, Česká improvizační liga

Support: Creative Europe programme of the European Union, the Municipality of Ljubljana, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia

For tickets, click here

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