The day began with a speech by Ambassador Tibor Bial from the Czech Embassy, Budapest, followed by officials and representatives from Czech Tourism, Czech Railways, Atis, DIR Bohemia, AR Tour Prague, CK Mira sro, Praha Tour sro and CSA-Czech Airlines. They presented their businesses, marketing strategies and tourism proposals.

What was revealing throughout the seminar was, or so it seemed, "Everyone goes to Prague" but few venture beyond the capital. This is true of the about 80,000 Hungarians who visit the Czech Republic each year, with three-quarters of them never going outside the famed city. This situation must reflect other countries too, and gives a clear account how "open" and ready the rest of the country is for promotions and future tourism.

As a tourism film rolled, it was clear that tourism beyond Prague has much to offer. The Czech Republic provides a wonderful, safe, natural environment. Tourism infrastructure is high quality and ready to receive.

Among the cities and châteaux, the hills, valleys and mountain peaks, all are hosts to a variety of active, relaxing, special-interest and tailor-made holidays alike.

City tourism prevails in Brno, Olomouc, Hradec Kralove, Ceske Budejovice and Karlovy Vary, to name a few. The list of positives goes on, knowing the country is the seventh safest in the world. There are 12 UNESCO heritage sites, six UNESCO biosphere reserves and 12 mountain ranges higher than 1000 metres. See

Directly after the presentations, a workshop provided the chance to talk to individuals from the various Czech authorities and companies. The event, at the Elements restaurant, 4 Szalay utca in central Pest, rounded off with a Czech lunch.

I personally offered my writing services to Czech Tourism and Czech Railways, and look forward to keeping in touch with new-found leads and to my next return, not necessarily in Prague but elsewhere too.

Faithfully, Alexander Stemp, Budapest

October 23, 2019

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