The World Press Photo of the Year is "Crying Girl on the Border" by John Moore of Getty Images, showing Honduran toddler Yanela Sanchez sobbing as she and her mother, Sandra Sanchez, are taken into custody by US officials in McAllen, Texas, in June. The photo was chosen by an independent jury of 21 members that reviewed more than 78,000 entries from 4738 photographers in 129 countries.

Yanela is not alone in her tears. Other shots on display at the National Museum in District VIII show the bloody aftermath of a suicide bombing in Afghanistan, death in the Philippines as the war on drugs continues, violence in Mexico where 37,400 people are "missing", migrant sex workers in Germany, extreme poverty in a Uganda slum, California wildfires, cancer, stigmatised and abused transgender people... and so it goes on.

There's also the absurd: Turkish "oil-wrestlers", American women boxers smashing each other's faces. Environmental devastation: the biologically dead Pasig River in Manila; Lake Chad, a lifeline to 40 million people, which has shrunk 90% over 60 years thanks to drought, deforestation and water mismanagement...

Danger to animals: an all-female anti-poaching unit in Zimbabwe, dead falcons due to badly designed power lines in Mongolia that kill 4000 of the birds a year, live frogs with their legs cut off in Romania for a USD 40 million annual trade to satisfy human hunger, a Caribbean flamingo with damaged feet after captivity...

For a leavening dash of good or humorous news, Trump leads Macron by the hand, a teenage girl's birthday is celebrated in Havana, models pose in pink in Dakar, there has been a baby boom among former female guerrillas after the Colombian government and FARC rebels signed a peace pact...

It's all there and more as the wild and wacky world goes on display until October 23.

Hungarian National Museum
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