Trujillo, who was born in Santiago in 1969, enrolled in art at the University of Chile and became interested in comics when she studied painting in New York City, which is considered to be the home of such publications, from 1996 to 2003. "I read a lot of comics there and discovered many women authors and cartoonists, and I felt connected with them," she said at the opening of her exhibition at the Cervantes.

"Their work was autobiographical and talked about their life. Comics are a very good media for women to express themselves, to be without fear and to be honest. It was something I always wanted to do, and I began to draw my life."

Trujillo said she is very happy to show her work in Budapest, so far away from home, because she thinks drawing and painting are universal languages and they bring people together. Her selection of images for the exhibition includes comic pages and the book covers of her five graphic novels. She has also branched into illustrations for children, showing forests and animals.

# From left, Ambassador Chahin, Cervantes Institute director Javier Valdivielso Odriozola, Cervantes Institute assistant Monika Cserba and artist Marcela Trujillo

She has just been involved in a sixth book, the newly published "Drawing Power: Women’s Stories of Sexual Violence, Harassment, and Survival", a collection of original, non-fiction comics drawn by more than 60 female cartoonists from around the world. The book is inspired by the global #MeToo Movement.

Trujillo has donated copies of her books and four of the "Brigida" magazines that she publishes in Chile to the Cervantes Institute Library. She also writes a newspaper column in Santiago. While in Budapest she will give talks at two universities about her work and where her ideas come from. The exhibition will be open until January 2020 .

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