Morocco's Ambassador to Hungary, Mrs Karima Kabbaj, told the gathering: "Today we celebrate a communion between the throne and a nation proud of its history and resolutely turned towards the future; a nation committed to its unity in respect of diversity, to its integrity; a nation that believes in the founding values of peace, tolerance, solidarity and progress.

"We celebrate two decades of a longstanding process of reforms initiated by His Majesty the King to improve the way of life of Moroccan citizens and empower the political, economic and social institutions."

Ambassador Kabbaj said that in parallel with several social reforms, many actions have been taken in the form of sectoral development plans aimed at boosting economic development, harmonising and giving meaning and content to its momentum.

"With its natural, human and cultural potential, its economic growth, its political stability and its geostrategic position, the Kingdom of Morocco is today considered a credible and key partner at the continental and international levels and is trusted by the world´s biggest investors," the ambassador said.

"All the economic strategies adopted by my country, associated with important political decisions, have made Morocco a country in motion, embarked on the path of emergence."

She said 2019 has a particular significance to the bilateral relations with Hungary since it marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

"This partnership with Hungary has a great importance for Morocco and is based on rich, dense and multi-dimensional character of the relationship between our two countries and people.

"Through these 60 years, Moroccan-Hungarian ties have witnessed a tangible deepening at the political, economic and cultural levels, through an enhanced cooperation between our two countries on issues of common interests bilaterally and multilaterally."

Ambassador Kabbaj said that in the same spirit of cooperation many visits from both sides have been amplified, as demonstrated by the last visit of the President of the National Assembly to Morocco in April 2017, and several agreements and memorandums of understanding have been signed, especially during these past two years, in several sectors particularly in education and science, transport, commerce, tourism, justice and culture, just to name a few.

"This year we have decided to pay a special attention to the agriculture sector, which is of a great potential and where real opportunities of partnership are available. In this sense Morocco has been chosen as guest of honour of the 79th edition of the National Exhibition of Agriculture and Food "OMEK" to be held in Budapest from 26 to 29 September, to which you are all invited.

"I shall state that the human and cultural ties between our two countries are not left out. Today many Moroccans are living and enjoying the Hungarian life. Also, many Hungarians visit Morocco, all of which have contributed to a better knowledge of each other's cultures.

"And I would like to underline the special role of the Moroccan students present here in preserving and enhancing this singular and fraternal relationship between our two people, which is enriched daily by dense human relations and which contribute to bringing Moroccans and Hungarians closer.

"I would like to seize this opportunity to pay a heartfelt tribute to the Moroccan community settled in Hungary who has succeeded in integrating in the country while keeping its attachment to its origins.

"In conclusion, allow me to convey my country's ambition for a more diverse and tight partnership with Hungary which will help us build fruitful and prosperous relations between our two countries. God bless our two countries."

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