The freshwater lake at Budakalász south of Szentendre has undergone continuous development since it opened to the public in 2017, and it places Hungary on the map of the best such beaches in Europe.

With its soft white sand, comfy loungers, parties, palm trees and plenty of aquatic attractions, including multiple sites for swimming, a wakeboard and diving centre, it is a quality perhaps only previously known from the pages of lifestyle magazines.

Several dozen sports are available for an action-packed holiday. Families are welcomed with different toys at the Kids Beach, and Lupa has a renowned gastronomic offer, with a wide and varied selection of buffets at the waterside restaurants and cocktail bars.


"We have a wider range of events this year, since we would like to make it worth visiting the lake not only when the sun is shining," says Károly Gerendai, the creator of the beach’s concept.

The sports selection has been expanded to add beach volleyball and handball, swimming across the lake, water polo and American football.

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