The Council had decided to make a scientific inventory study by establishing a team of experts, the TRNC Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kudret Özersay, announced on June 19, 2019.

Stating that it is time to take a concrete step on Maraş, Özersay said: "The team which will be formed by taking advantage of the names operating in the international field will conduct a comprehensive inventory study that will include issues such as title deed records in the closed city Maraş, the status of movable and immovable properties, the determination of the properties of the foundation, the status of the infrastructure, and the elements carrying risks for the environment. They will be also tasked with reporting to the Deputy Prime Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs."

The steps to be taken would be evaluated more accurately based on the data that would emerge after the reports were made as a result of the inventory study. The Council of Ministers would make a special decision and prepare the conditions for the work to be carried out by the team in Maraş, which is legally a military zone area within the TRNC territory.

The Council of Ministers is the executive branch of the government of Northern Cyprus, consisting of ministers. The council is chaired by the Prime Minister of Northern Cyprus and the ministers head executive departments of the government.

The Mediterranean island of Cyprus has been divided into Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot sides since August 1974, when a ceasefire line became the United Nations Buffer Zone, commonly referred to as the Green Line. The Greek Cypriot southern side occupies about 63.8 percent of the island and the Turkish Cypriot northern side the remaining 36.2 percent. The former is a member of the European Union and the latter struggles for international recognition.

The division of the island means that Gazimağusa, as it is named on the Turkish Cypriot side, is named Famagusta by the Greek Cypriots. Similarly, the crumbling Maraş, to give it its Turkish Cypriot name, is called Varosha by the southern part of the island.

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