On this day in mid-June 2019 the Episode still isn't three months old yet after a complete remake by a Spanish designer. The terrace is even newer, having opened just a week ago in early June. It has all been finished in time for summer, and today the sun is blazing and the place is buzzing.

Episode Restauant is a huge room and can hold 320 people, with a good number of tables taken today by conventioneers who have booked the Helia for their big meeting. They have the choice of a number of different table configurations, some taller than normal with high stools, some set off to the side of the room with lounges up against the windows, or two-seaters, four-seaters, six-seaters, etc.

Yellow chain curtains can be pulled across to sub-divide the room if required, and there is plenty of space between the comfortable furnishings to allow good elbow room, unlike small trendy establishments where tables are cramped and diners can be shoulder to shoulder. With everything so new and up to date, a single touchpad on the wall controls the restaurant's lights, temperature and sound.

With the Episode doing such good trade on this Saturday lunchtime, it seems wise to opt for the ready-to-eat buffet rather than choose a la carte and have to wait while the busy kitchen staff catch up. Here in the buffet is another modern feature in the updated restaurant: the various dishes of food sit on black metal plates that can be heated or cooled.

The buffet is available every lunchtime and dinnertime, with a different variety on each occasion because hotel guests who eat in-house a lot need change. Today the selection by Executive Chef Zoltán Tóth and his team includes Mangalica Pork Cutlet with Roasted Oyster Mushrooms, Sea Fish Fillet and White Wine Sauce with Chives, Corn-fed Chicken Breast with Feta and Tomato Salsa, Vegetable Moussaka, Beef Stew in Red Wine Sauce, Steam4ed Rice with Lyon Onion, Mashed Potato Bake with Cheese and Garden Vegetables with Buttery Lemon Sauce.

To the side are the salads such as Mozzarella with Tomatoes and Argula Salad with Pesto Vinaigrette, cheeses and nuts, olives, cold meats, dried fruit and fresh fruit, the latter offering cherries, nectarines, oranges and red and green apples. There are three desserts: Rum-Nut Chocolate, Russian Cream Tart and Lemon Dessert. Allergen information is provided.

Danubius Hotel Helia sits just a block from the Danube as it flows past Margaret Island, and the river can be glimpsed from the Episode Restaurant and the terrace. Diners inside and outside have plenty of greenery to look at. The Episode's terrace holds 80 people, the same number as the adjacent terrace outside the hotel's Yellow Bistro & Bar. This latter was also given a complete overhaul, along with the Reception and entire ground floor, by the same Spanish designer, Nathalie Rottenburg, in 2018.

The four-star hotel is one of the 44 operated in five countries by Danubius Hotels Group. There are a dozen in Budapest including the Gellért and Astoria, and the group has properties in Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic and London. Many of these are wellness hotels, including the Helia, which is also a conference hotel. It has a wide range of fitness and spa services, with an adventure pool, swimming pool, sauna and a two-storey fitness club with a nice view. The hotel's thermal bath is fed by natural thermal water from Margaret Island's springs.

Episode Restaurant, Danubius Hotel Helia, District XIII
62-64 Kárpát utca, Budapest 1133
Tel.: (+36-1) 889-5800
E-mail: helia.reservation@danubiushotels.com

Buffet HUF 7590

Danubius Hotel Helia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DanubiusHotelHelia/
Danubius Hotel Helia Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danubiushotelhelia/
Yellow Bistro & Bar Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yellowbistrobar/
Yellow Bistro & Bar Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yellowbistrobar/

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