Ambassador Andrlić said an excellent description of Croatian-Hungarian relations had been given by famous Croatian writer Miroslav Krleža, who wrote in the first half of the 20th century: "Disputes between the Hungarians and Croats can fill one book, though no library would be sufficient to present our positive communication and mutual understanding."

Today, the ambassador said, being both members of the European Union and NATO, intertwined by a series of regional and bilateral initiatives, we do face together also current dynamic and challenging times.

"In this respect, allow me to underline just some particular fields of our ongoing close cooperation:

- Croatia’s Presidency of the European Council in the first half of 2020,

- Central European Defence Cooperation (CEDC),

- Bilateral Cultural Programme for 2019-2021, and Rijeka as the European Capital of Culture in 2020."

"Moreover, let me also mention here the Croatian minority in Hungary, as well as the Hungarian minority in Croatia, both well integrated and representing another strong pillar of our smooth and strong relations."

"Not forgetting to mention tourism but particularly sports and football. Congratulations, and see you in Split." (Hungary and Croatia are in qualifying group E for the Euro 2020 football tournament. Hungary beat Croatia 2-1 in Budapest, with the return game to come.)

"But coming back to the point," Ambassador Andrlić said, "the key aim of the Croatian Government remains to enhance our political, economic and cultural ties, based upon our interests, ideas and solutions of a common benefit. "

"It has been confirmed by continuous bilateral meetings and visits, including at the levels of presidents of state and parliaments, as well as of the prime ministers and ministers of Croatia and Hungary, but also individually by the peoples themselves."

"By saying this, I am really looking forward to further cooperate with you. Thank you."

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