According to Orbán, his party achieved a record victory amid a record turnout: "We all know that the migration wave launched the beginning of a new era in European politics, so we can safely say that we've achieved an epochal victory." He thanked voters whose support conveyed that "Hungary should remain a Hungarian country and Europe should belong to the Europeans".

Reflecting on the victory, he said Hungarians had entrusted the ruling alliance with three objectives: to stop immigration across Europe, to protect a Europe of nations and to protect Christian culture in Europe. Orbán said it is now clear that Hungarians think change is needed in Brussels.

Leaders who represent the interests of European people and who respect Europe's nations are needed, he said. Also leaders "who are proud of our 2000-year-old Christian culture" were in demand. He said the interests of Hungary would always be put first in Brussels and cooperation would be sought with those who want to stop immigration.

Orbán said that with the high turnout Hungary had proven "it is a European nation, a European country, that our place is in Europe, that Europe is our home, too, and so we want to change it". The prime minister expressed his gratitude to his party's voters and supporters. He called the election a "big, one-time-only chance to unify the nation", arguing that ethnic Hungarian communities "will also be there with us in Brussels and we will be representing the interests of the entire Hungarian nation together".

"For us, Hungary will come first in Brussels, too, and we will cooperate with everyone who wants to stop immigration. Today we showed that Hungary is strong because Hungarians are united. In the years ahead the aim will be to preserve this grand unity. I promise you that we will do everything we can to achieve this."

Momentum jubilant

The leader of the Momentum Movement, which made a breakthrough in the European Parliament election by securing almost 10 percent of the vote, said his opposition party must put health-care, education and people's livelihoods at the centre of its mission. András Fekete-Győr told jubilant supporters that Momentum was the only party able to provide real solutions to real problems.

# Katalin Cseh and Anna Júlia Donáth will represent Momentum in the European Parliament

Momentum received about 330,000 votes, enough for it to send two representatives to the EP, he said, adding that humility was necessary because they had not won.

Katalin Cseh, who topped Momentum's EP election list, said people must be given the chance to dream again. Momentum was proof that miracles still exist and that it is possible to build a party from scratch, she said.

Gyurcsány: Fidesz lost its two-thirds

Democratic Coalition (DK) leader Ferenc Gyurcsány, said it had never been in doubt that the ruling Fidesz party would win the European Parliament election but the result was significant in that Fidesz would have lost its two-thirds majority had the ballot been a Hungarian general election.

Compared with last April's general election, Fidesz has lost one million voters while DK doubled its voter turnout despite comparatively lower participation, Gyurcsány said. DK doubled its number of seats from two to four.

His party had over 550,000 active voters, which was a testament to the work they had carried out over the past years. "With DK, a strong Europe will be even stronger and all of Hungary's citizens will be better off," he said.

Criticising Hungary's media landscape, Gyurcsány said "the election can't be free if the press isn't... Hungary has a government that has brought the press under its control and is using it for lying, misleading propaganda, rather than to inform". Commenting on the election results across the bloc, the party leader said those who wanted a stronger Europe would have an overwhelming majority in the next European Parliament.

LMP board resigns

The national board of the opposition green LMP resigned after the party failed to secure a single mandate in the European Parliament election. Lóránt László Keresztes, the party's co-leader, said the only positive aspect of the election had been LMP putting climate change, "a real and burning issue", at the heart of the campaign.

Gábor Vágó, who topped LMP's EP election list, attributed its defeat to internal party strife after last year's general election, which had caused the party a "crisis of credibility". LMP's other co-leader, Márta Demeter, said LMP's defeat would be assessed. The party is expected to re-elect its leadership in June, she added.

Jobbik to elect officials

The opposition Jobbik party will elect officials this autumn, the party said in a statement nearly a week after the election. The party retained only one of its three seats. The national board has decided to take political and personal responsibility for the result and hold an early election, the statement said. The election of officials would be held in the month after the local council elections and until then the board would retain all its powers.

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