I'm apparently a Nazi. At least according to the German weekly Stern, which published an article in early May about the upcoming European Parliament elections and how parties sceptical of the way the EU is managed right now are gaining ground in a number of countries. Though the article is painfully long, its essence is simple: immigration, feminism and liberalism are good, everything else is bad. In fact – based on the illustration (see image on the right) –, it isn't just bad, it's Nazi. So if you are like me and think that illegal immigration or immigration of any kind isn't necessarily the right way to solve our problems, if you believe that abortions shouldn't happen or if you are tired of the politically correct newspeak of our time, then you are no longer a conservative. You are now a Nazi. Let's put aside the fact that the article has a few outright lies – such as saying that Fidesz is collecting signatures against the EU, when in reality the signature drive is about anti-immigration – and focus on the fact that calling political opponents such names is really distasteful and disrespectful of the actual victims of the Nazis. And it is especially distasteful when it comes from a German newspaper.

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