Matolcsy has been living in Budapest for four years, having married a Hungarian. Her idea for the dress rental business was inspired by her own passion for beautiful and expensive clothes. She explains: "The idea came from my friends, who asked me whether they could borrow my clothes. I was thinking that a professional rental service would be useful for many women, since branded clothes are often very expensive, are worn only for one occasion and after that they just hang in the closet for years."

The American lady is also critical that in her opinion the shopping opportunities for noble clothes are rather limited. There are too few shops and the selection is too narrow. In her rental boutique she would like to give women an additional opportunity to be able to wear designer clothing for a good price.

#Different clothes are offered for different occasions and figures.

For different occasions and figures

Matolcsy hires out clothing for many different occasions – ranging from a visit to the opera to weddings to company celebrations. She is trying to address different age groups and body types, consequently there are many different dress types and sizes ranging from 34 to 46 in her stock.

About 50 clothes are hanging at the moment in the MyCloset Budapest exhibition room – the offer changes for each season. "The spring collection is arriving now and the winter clothes will be put away," the owner explains.

The rental fee for a dress depends on the brand, the quality and the method of cleaning, and ranges between HUF 7000 and 25,000. A deposit of HUF 20,000 is also requested. For a fee of HUF 5000 you can reserve a dress, and if the client does rent the dress at the correct time, this fee is deducted from the price.

Many women wear dresses for special occasions only one time, Matolcsy says. By giving them the opportunity to rent instead of buying, she is contributing to sustainability too, as donating the dresses would not necessarily make any sense. "People who need donations could probably not put such clothes to good use. They need useful and first of all warm clothing. If you still would not like to squander the dresses, renting instead of buying is a good option."

She also offers other ladies the opportunity to rent out their clothes and share the income. If necessary, the dress can be taken back by the owner. Matolcsy emphasises, however, that she only accepts pieces she likes herself and she would not like to accumulate great masses of clothing.

# The shop rooms have a hip interior and are bathed in light.

Personal service guaranteed

MyCloset Budapest is found on the fourth floor of an apartment building and has no regular opening times. You can make appointments on their Facebook page; later it will also be possible via the website. "The clients should get a private opportunity to try on dresses and receive a personal consultation. They should not be disturbed during this time," Matolcsy says.

In addition, she is trying to know her clients and their needs better, so she can more effectively search out dresses that fit the tastes and sizes of her clients. She already has some regulars and rents out about two dresses per week. However, Matolcsy really believes that her business will grow strongly: "I don’t only want to open a shop here, I want to establish a community that connects people with the same interests." She is planning to organise events at her workshop to connect her clients with each other.

MyCloset Budapest is still in its infancy. For the future Matolcsy is planning to build a solid customer base and create a website. "You will be able to find all the dresses on the website. The ladies can browse them comfortably from home and ask me to have the chosen dress ready at the wished time. After that they can come for a fitting to the workshop."

She also has plans to rent dresses for little girls of different age groups. The mothers can then come together with their children and choose something for both of them. She is not planning on renting men’s clothing in the near future but does not rule out the possibility completely.

MyCloset Budapest
Budapest, District V, 9 Báthory Street
You can book an appointment at (+36) 30 742-7717 or via Messenger
See Facebook page

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