Ambassador Burhamah told the hundreds of guests that the National Day is an annual occasion where Kuwait celebrates and reviews the wonderful achievements that fathers and grandfathers have complemented over several generations in different fields. The distinguished Kuwaiti foreign policy was one of these achievements. In this regard, Kuwait and Hungary had had an early diplomatic relation since 1964.

The ambassador said Kuwait's Hungarian diplomatic friends used to mention that Kuwait was the wide gate of establishing new diplomatic relations with other countries in the Gulf region. Kuwait and Hungary had linked with 30 agreements, and protocol covered all the fields of cooperation.

# Kuwait Ambassador to Hungary Dr. Hamad Burhamah greets guests

"The Kuwaiti-Hungarian Joint Economic Committee is scheduled to hold its third meeting in Budapest," Ambassador Burhamah said. "As well, the Political Consultation Committee will hold its second round meeting in Budapest."

"Since Kuwait was selected as 'International Humanitarian Centre' in September 2014, and as a non-permanent member, for the second year, at the Security Council of the United Nations, Kuwait continues its great efforts assisting disadvantaged and the needy people and countries with various humanitarian assistance and contributions, and also maintaining all the necessary conditions of peace everywhere.

"For this purpose, Kuwait keeps enhancing coordination and cooperation at the multilateral level, notably at the international organisations and platforms."

"The Kuwaiti-Hungarian cooperation considers as a perfect model of such standards, mainly as Hungary is an active member of the European Union and Kuwait in the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council]. Within this context, we expect a Kuwaiti Parliamentary Delegation to arrive in Budapest in the next few weeks."

Ambassador Burhamah said he wished for further development and prosperity for both Kuwait and Hungary.

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