Passenger traffic has grown almost 50 percent since 2015, with nearly 15 million people flying in or out last year. It is because of this dynamic growth that the airport recently announced it will build a new terminal, and the company hopes to provide the most convenient service possible during construction.

Most of the new development scheduled for completion by summer 2019 will serve passenger convenience and orientation or affect security screening and border control procedures. Several sections of the terminal will be reconstructed and refurbished: after demolition of some offices and storage rooms, the corridor through which arriving passengers access the baggage reclaim hall will be widened by the end of February, so the arrival areas can handle significantly more passengers.

By decommissioning additional operational areas, the baggage reclaim hall will also be enlarged. In the summer peak, decreasing waiting times and speeding up baggage reclaim will enable receiving 2000-3000 arriving passengers per hour. Toilets will be reconstructed and extended in Terminal 2B and the SkyCourt mezzanine, increasing their capacity three-fold by summer.

"We are continuously monitoring feedback from passengers and have taken these comments into consideration in planning the projects included in the bud:plus program," said Péter Huszka, chief operating officer of Budapest Airport. "First we focus on the areas which are the most important for passengers and speeding up their passage through the airport. Our goal is to enhance passenger convenience and comfort, and to make mandatory security screening and other procedures faster. By doing so, we make it possible for passengers to spend more quality time in the terminals."

Thus, the airport will test a self-service baggage drop-off system on the departure level, as already found at other major airports. The main advantage of this is that passengers will have the option to print out their bag tags as well as boarding pass, and check in their hold baggage by themselves, faster than the conventional method. If the system works smoothly it will be extended, and in the longer term it will be possible to check in bags in the airport car park, at certain sites downtown such as hotels, or in ports on the Danube.

Departing passengers will see several other new features. Until the summer, a team of young people will be set up to provide direct information and help, on top of the existing support services. Budapest Airport will also install more information signs and screens all around. Passengers will then have better information about their check-in desks and which side will offer a shorter wait before security screening.

A significant part of the planned developments is aimed at speeding up security processes, with a new screening lane being added on both the A and B sides. The waiting area in T2A will be extended by decommissioning part of the café, and this will particularly benefit passengers in peak periods.

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