In his victory speech, Karácsony said the goal is now to take back Budapest from ruling Fidesz's "viceroys" and return it to the residents. "This day has no loser except Fidesz," he said. The mayor of Budapest's 14th district said the capital had scored a "historic" victory against Fidesz's "divisive politics". Today had been the day when the opposition united with the people against the politics of Fidesz.

Karácsony said the opposition would use the power of the people against incumbent Budapest Mayor István Tarlós in the election in autumn in an effort to change the city. He said the message of the primary vote was that Budapest's residents were thinking outside the confines of political parties, and more in terms of common goals. He and all of his allies should keep in mind that they had not been looking for the opposition's mayoral candidate or offering an opposition election programme, but rather had been looking for the candidate of the people of Budapest and shaping their election programme to serve the people's interests.

Horváth said in his concession speech that the people of Budapest had chosen their flag-bearer. He vowed to support Karácsony, saying they were both aiming to "liberate" Budapest.

Democratic Coalition’s acting deputy leader Csaba Molnár said Budapesters knew that Tarlós was "a viceroy appointed by the prime minister". He said the opposition had had to nominate a single mayoral candidate to have a shot at unseating Tarlós in the autumn.

The ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance called the preselection "a huge failure". Lénárd Borbély, the mayor of Budapest's 21st district for Fidesz, said past elections had already proven that the opposition did not have a "credible face" it could nominate for Budapest mayor. "Now, they've finished the usual casting," he said, asserting that the preselection had failed to draw interest, with only some 2 percent of Budapest's residents taking part. Borbély said this meant that the left had trouble mobilising even its own voters.

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