Where the InterContinental believes it scores well is that while other establishments offer the chance for couples to wonder at each other’s beauty on this special occasion of the year, at the Corso they can also take their eyes off each other momentarily to marvel at the impressive panoply of the Castle District across the Danube, a panorama such as few cities can offer.

The hotel’s chefs have not only dreamt up some special indulgences this year but there is also a separate menu for any vegetarian guests as well, which includes four lactose- and gluten-free courses. The main menu comprises an Amuse Bouche of Salmon Caviar with Condiments and Freshly Baked Blinis, a Consommé with Cognac-Pheasant Filled Tortellini and a choice of two mains. These are Lobster Thermidor with Porcini Mushrooms, or Orange Duck Breast with Pumpkin, Baked Beetroot and Potato Doughnut. Dessert can be chosen from Chocolate Fondue, or Cardamom Chocolate Bites with Marshmallows and Strawberries, and a glass of Sauska Rosé Magnum sparkling wine is served upon arrival.

The vegetarian menu of lactose- and gluten-free dishes is an Amuse Bouche of Quinoa Salad with Avocado, an Oriental Red Lentil Soup with Coconut Milk, a main course of Barley Risotto with Forrest Mushrooms, followed by Baked Chocolate Cake with Strawberries. Again, a glass of Sauska Rosé Magnum sparkling wine appears upon arrival.

If a heavy feast is not required, the InterContinental is offering what it terms A Bite of Love at the Corso Bar. Here, the loved ones can share some light but exclusive bites while enjoying the spectacular view. The bar will have some choice champagne from its special selection or its seductive love potion dreamt up especially for Valentine’s.

A Bar Étagiére for two will comprise Salmon Caviar with Condiments and Blinis; secondly, Beef Tartar and Duck Liver Paté with Wine Jelly; and thirdly, Champagne Filled Chocolate Bonbon, White Chocolate and Strawberry Cake. These come with a bottle of champagne, and the choice will be Francois President Rosé, Moet Chandon, Veuve Clicquot or Roederer Rosé Millesime.

Main menu HUF 19,500 per person
Vegetarian menu HUF 8500 per person
A Bite of Love HUF 1100 for two people, plus champagne HUF 19,500-39,500.

"Flesh and fish and whatever else ..."
(from the ballad written by Hungarian poet János Arany)

Winter is the time to be "hunting" for dishes rich in flavours to fend off the cold, so the Corso is offering some game specialities. Hungary’s wide range of fauna and seasonally changing flora in the forests, rivers and lakes means that the chefs can prepare cuisine low in cholesterol but rich in proteins.

There are six Hunting Season Delicacies on offer: Deer paté with dried sour cherry and roasted peanuts, Cumberland sauce and milk loaf roasted on butter; second, Pheasant consommé; third, Grilled trout from Lillafüred with paprika sabayon and roasted almond; fourth, Zemplén wild boar stew with porcini and bread dumplings; fifth, Duck breast with orange, pumpkin, roasted beetroot and potato doughnuts; and finally, Wild mushroom barley risotto. Dessert is Cheesecake with rosehip.

Prices HUF 1900-4200.
In all instances, a 12% service charge is added to the final bill.

Corso Restaurant and Terrace
InterContinental Budapest
Apáczai Csere János u. 12-14, District V
Email: restaurant@corso.hu
Tel.: (06-1) 327-6392

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