The Living Room is in the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest and the occasion is any Saturday or Sunday morning, though this particularly nippy one happens to be a Sunday. The people are there to enjoy Benediction, which, as we all know, is generally an utterance of a blessing or good wishes, and this is what – in its own way – the luxury hotel is offering.

In the Kempinski version, Benediction is promoted as an ultimate à la carte brunch with tempting egg dishes and the finest bubbles in downtown. And of course, eggs benedict is a traditional American brunch or breakfast dish seemingly most commonly described as a halved English muffin topped with Canadian bacon, ham or sometimes bacon, a poached egg, and hollandaise sauce, though many variations on the basic recipe are served, including seven different ones at the Kempinski.

Accounts differ as to the origin of eggs benedict, though it seems agreed that the dish was first popularised in New York City, with the earliest claimed date of 1860. Whatever the case, at this Benediction, Budapest-style, diners can choose between the “Classic” with spinach, ham, poached egg and hollandaise; the “Crispy Bacon” with mushrooms and rucola; the “Debreceni” with vegetable letcho and grilled pork sausage; the “Spring Garden” with green asparagus, mushrooms, rucola and truffle; the “Smoked Salmon” with spinach and potato roesti; the “Wiener” with breaded fried chicken breast and sauce choron; and the “Crab Meat” with asparagus and lemon-dill hollandaise.

Lazing guests on The Living Room sofas with correspondingly low tables can also choose from three fresh oyster dishes; or Wiener Schnitzel, flap steak and salmon; starter plates of Goose Liver Terrine, Burrata, Organic Beets and Smoked Salmon Carpaccio; home-made waffles and pancakes; sweets including home-made pastries, fresh fruits, Somlói cake and Greek yoghurt; and a range of teas.

Also on offer: pick-me-up cocktails created for lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings by the five-star Kempinski’s Blue Fox The Bar. “Morning Side Car”, for instance, has cognac, Grand Marnier, mint and lemongrass, and “Hideaway” is a heady concoction of Tanquaray Rangpur, tomato and Bloody Mary herbs and spices.

Hungarian and French white and rosé bubble selections come from winemakers personally known to the hotel, which says it chooses to work with them for their very specific and genuine approach, craft and artistry.

Home-roasted coffee and fresh juices complete the dining experience, with a music sommelier providing cool background music for this taste of Big Apple brunch culture.

The Benediction brunch is part of Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest’s culinary journey termed Gastronomic Quarter Downtown Budapest, where guests and passers-by have the choice of fusion-inspired dishes at Nobu, updated Hungarian-Viennese offerings at the brasserie-style ÉS Bisztró, specialty coffee, sandwiches and cakes at ÉS Deli, a relaxed “Kaffeehaus” culture experience at The Living Room and “the fizz, the sizzle, the bubbles and the buzz” at Blue Fox The Bar and Nobu Bar.

The hotel is continuing its Kempinski Concertini during Afternoon Tea in The Living Room every Saturday afternoon, featuring budding talents from Liszt Ferenc Music Academy.

Benediction brunch
The Living Room, Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest
Saturdays and Sundays, 9.30am-2pm
Reservations: (+36-1) 429-4489

Eggs Benedict HUF 1250-3800
Oysters HUF 1200-5900
Steak/schnitzel/salmon HUF 3100/2450/2800
Waffles and pancakes HUF 1500
Sweets HUF 780-1250
Bubbles HUF 2400-3600 glass, HUF 16,800-27,000 bottle
Cocktails HUF 1600-2500
Discretionary 12% service charge

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