Horváth told the media his programme had been in the making for over ten years and it represented an "indictment" against Mayor István Tarlós, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and ruling Fidesz. He said that since 2010, Budapest has been "systematically destroyed" by the nationalisation of schools and hospitals, the use of City Park as a construction site and the felling of tens of thousands of trees.

He promised that if he becomes mayor, 10 percent of all the tax paid in Budapest will remain in the city. All buses would be electric, new tramlines would be built, the metro would be extended and disabled access would be developed. Plus, 100,000 square metres of new parks would be built annually in the next five years and a park-guarding service would be set up to improve security.

Horváth promised that the Budapest city council would recover the ownership of hospitals, and schools would offer competitive knowledge with language skills. He said poverty must be eliminated and people must be offered help to prevent homelessness.

Opposition parties – except for Jobbik and LMP – decided to field a joint candidate for the post of Budapest mayor. Zsolt Molnár, head of the Budapest chapter of the Socialist Party, said independent candidate Róbert Puzsér, backed by opposition LMP, would not participate in the pre-election procedure this month but had indicated his readiness to step down if the winner of the pre-election has higher chances of winning the mayoral post.

The Socialists were now backing Csaba Horváth, but will "respect the results of the selection and support the winner", Molnár said. He called cooperation between the opposition parties of historic significance and said that without it, Tarlós "could be declared the winning candidate right now".

In response to a question, Horváth said his personal ambitions for the post will last until February 3 when the primary among left-wing candidates ends. He said the election programme of Párbeszéd mayoral candidate Gergely Karácsony greatly overlaps his, so if Karácsony were to win the primary, he would support him.

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