A few years ago the Pick shop at the corner of the square in front of the Parliament was just another delicacy shop, where they were offering salami and sausages from the product palette of the company and other Hungarian delicacies. However, after a full reconstruction the traditional manufacturer decided to step on a new path to make their products more known in the area frequented by many tourist, by introducing a new gastronomy concept.

Although, the specialist of Hungarian traditional salamis cannot complain in terms of popularity. After all, Pick is one of the market leaders in Hungary in meat products.

Following the tracks of the Pick brand

The company was founded in 1896 by Márk Pick in Szeged, who created his own recipe of Italian salami and manufactured first on a small scale and later on a large scale. The bestseller of the company was always and still is the Hungarian winter salami, which was registered as an official Hungaricum in 2014. This product gets its unmistakeable taste by a mix of typical Hungarian spices and a naturally ripened noble mould layer. It’s exported into 35 countries, including Japan and the USA.

PICK Deli and Gourmet also reflects on the company’s long history.While the areas with exposed brick walls and surfaces with black and white glossy tiles give the restaurant a modern, slightly industrial charm, the walls are decorated by their old company logos and advertising posters and a huge reproduction of and original black-and-white photograph depicting a scene of a normal working day at the Szeged sausage factory.

You are greeted by a refrigerator wall at the entrance already, containing a large selection of Pick products, which are especially bought by tourists as souvenirs. Behind the refrigerators you will find the long sales counter, where you can marvel at the culinary offer and order, once you have decided. People often eat in the upper floor of the restaurant, which looks very comfortable despite the simple furniture. An interesting element of the interior design is the smoked hams, which hang from the high ceiling. They have small plastic covers on their lower sides, so that no fat drips on the unsuspecting clients standing in front of the counter.

Delicacies from Hungarian cuisine

The selection of offered dishes is broad and ranges from hearty but light breakfast dishes and classic a-la-carte dishes to daily changing lunch menu offers of two or three courses. If you would only like a snack to take away or a small breakfast, you can choose from different sandwiches and croissants, which are mostly – as you already thought – layered with slices of the famous salami.

You can also find fruit cups, granolas, yoghurts and freshly squeezed juices in the shop. At lunchtime however, the guests of PICK Deli and Gourmet, which applies the concept of a self-service restaurant, can choose from warm dishes from the selection of Hungarian classics. Of course they concentrate on meaty dishes, and items on the menu are for example pork knuckles, grilled chicken drumsticks and porchetta – rolled pork roast – and a whole set of different seasoned grilled sausages. You can combine these according to your taste with different garnishes, including Hungarian ratatouille, pea soup, potatoes and mashed potatoes with onions, but even light ones such as quinoa, green salad or home-made pickled vegetables.

Our special suggestion is the red cabbage with apples, which is rocked by a really fruity note, and the grainy sweet mustard prepared based on their own secret recipe, which you must miss to accompany any of the grilled sausages.

If you don’t like to think a lot about composing your own lunch, you can also opt for the ready-made main dishes. It’s worth to highlight the pork back stew and the hearty goulash soup, as well as the Hungarian potato casserole, which is decorated by crispy baked salami slices.

In addition to all the above, they serve a daily changing lunch menu composed of a starter soup, a main dish and a dessert for a fixed price of HUF 1990 – or 1490 if you only want two courses.

The dishes are served in funny looking red enamel dishes, except for the grilled sausages, which are less ceremoniously served on simple paper plates.


PICK Deli and Gourmet is a great place to make your lunch stop, when you have to finish fast but still would not like to compromise on quality. The informal but somehow sleek ambiance of the restaurant, which offers a great view of the Parliament, will satisfy most of all the fans of classical Hungarian home food. When you are heading to the Hungarian government district already in the morning, you should not miss coming here for a coffee or one of the versatile fresh snacks offered.

PICK Deli und Gourmet
Budapest, District V, 9 Kossuth Lajos Square
Open: Monday to Friday 7.00 to 17.00
Inquires at +36-70 709-9050
See www.pickdeligourmet.hu

Sandwiches, yoghurtsand snacks: HUF 390 - 1390
Grilled sausages and rotisserie: HUF 990 - 1990
Garnishes: HUF 190 - 790
Main dishes: HUF 1390 - 2390
Desserts: HUF 690 - 890

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