The Indian Ambassador, Kumar Tuhin, opened the event and gave an overview of ITEC, following which three Hungarian participants spoke about their experiences attending courses in India. Melinda Irtl Földiné, a yoga teacher, had attended a special programme for yoga trainers in 2016, and her student, Ágnes Demeter, attended the same course in 2018. Finally, Edina Barna, an author and digital artist, shared her experiences of a web designing course in 2014.

They all offered positive insights into the training programmes thanks to the opportunity offered by the Government of India, and said how much they had enjoyed their studies in the endlessly fascinating country.

India wants to share its skills with the world, and the ITEC scholarship programme allows selected applicants to travel to the subcontinent to participate in all-expenses-paid courses such as Banking Management, Web designing, English, IT, Communications, Yoga Training, Auditing, Legislative Drafting, Development, Entrepreneurships and more.

This flagship program of the Indian government began in 1964 and has been open to Hungary since 1992. Whatever their age, Hungarians and expatriates living here have a chance to be accepted, allowing them to sharpen their professional and other talents.

The chief guest at the December 2018 ITEC Day in the embassy was Sándor Sipos, Director General at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. A Kathak dancer, Sonali Roy, performed this traditional classical dance form for those in attendance. She was accompanied by tabla player Pandit Rajesh Gangani, and the percussionist then joined violinist Zoltán Lantos for a mesmerising classical raga fusion.

Some 70 people attended the ITEC Day celebration, including officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and other ministries; alumni of ITEC and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations; representatives of universities, educational institutions and the media; and members of the Hungarian Indian community. A dinner reception followed.

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