The holiday is celebrated annually on 18 December. Since that time in 1878 and up to this present date, 140 years have passed, the ambassador said. It was full of hope, hard and diligent work to rise our country to the high standards in education, health, construction, industry, services and all areas that contribute to raising the standard of living of the Qatari citizen.

Recalling this massive development, it is imperative to note the tremendous efforts made by His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, the Emir, (may God protect him) in order to modernise the country and move it through a quantum leap to this advanced level evidenced by the near and far alike.

The ambassador said the organisation of the State of Qatar for the next football World Cup in 2022 is a testament to the prosperity, growth and confidence of others towards it.

In addition to upgrading the levels of living of its citizens, Qatar seeks to open to all cultures and civilizations in the world, he said. As always the State of Qatar emphasised the adoption of the noble values and human morality, committed to relations based on mutual respect and benefit, and called for the consolidation of security, peace and brotherhood among nations of the world.

I must point out as we celebrate the National Day of the State of Qatar on the territory of the friendly Hungary to the cordial and tight relations that bind us to this deep-rooted country. These relations have been established through mutual visits of senior officials of both countries. We strive hard to consolidate these relations not only at the official level but also between the peoples of the two friendly countries.

The Qatari-Hungarian relations are characterised by their diversity in various political, economic and trade fields. We hope that these relations and ties will be upgraded to the highest possible level, especially with the will of the two countries' leaderships to develop them, as well as the availability of human and material capabilities that will enable the parties to achieve the goals we all aspire to.

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