Each Sunday Brunch until Christmas will have 80-100 dishes available to guests, who have three hours from noon to 3pm to tackle as many selections as they can. The next Sunday Brunch is on December 9 and the highlights include Poached egg Benedict with smoked salmon or Prague ham. The Pasta dishes include Risotto with wild mushroom, and Penne with shrimps, basil and rozé tomato sauce, and the highlights of the Grilled dishes are Swordfish with garlic with saffron sauce, or Honey-mustard pork loin chop with apple sauce. The Main dishes include Deer ragout with orange, Poached salmon on barley risotto, Breaded mushroom filled with spicy cheese, Breast of duck with dried sour cherry sauce and Catfish paprika with cottage cheese dumplings.

Live cooking will feature Chicken-shrimps Pad Thai, there will be a Sushi selection and the Carving station will offer Lamb shoulder, Turkey breast filled with chestnut and Smoked knuckle of pork baked in filo pastry. The Garnishes include Celery patties, Potato croquets and Savoy cabbage with bacon, with the Desserts to round out the meal including Strawberry cake, Raspberry profiterole, Lemon goat cheesecake, Baked apricot cheesecake and Chocolate cream brownie with almond.

Parents will find a Kid’s corner offering Tomato penne, Mini hamburger and Breaded leg of chicken.

The following Sunday Brunch, on December 16, again features Poached egg Benedict with smoked salmon or Prague ham, and the Pasta dishes this time will include Beetroot risotto and Rigatoni Carbonara. Among other dishes, the Grilled selection will offer Lamb kofta and Butterfish fillet lime chutney. The Mains will include Veal stew with gnocchi, Roast pig with roasted onions, Salmon fillet with saffron sauce, Breaded carp with remoulade sauce, and Turkey breast roulade with goose liver and forest mushrooms.

Live cooking will have Crispy calamari ring, cocktail sauce/piquant tomato sauce/aioli, the Sushi selection continues and the Carving station will include Beef rib eye, Lamb shoulder and Leg of goose filled with chestnut. Among the Garnishes will be Roasted potatoes, Potato-spinach strudel and Steamed cabbage with apple, and the Desserts will include Plum crumble, Chocolate cake, Black forest cake, Christmas pudding and Cake pop variation.

The Kid’s corner will offer Mini Frankfurter, Breaded fish fingers and Dumplings with scrambled eggs.

As a good lead-up to Christmas, the December 23 Sunday Brunch will again see Poached egg Benedict with smoked salmon or Prague ham, and the Pasta dishes will include Penne with smoked tofu Bolognese, and Sage gnocchi with creamy tomato sauce. Among the Grilled dishes will be Lamb cutlet with mint sauce, and Seafood skewer with lemon velouté, while the Mains will feature Paella, Salmon fillet with fennel, Roasted lamb with ratatouille, Braised beef check in orange-red wine sauce, Turkey breast filled with goose liver and Tokaj wine sauce, and more.

Live cooking will include Thai fried pasta with prawn, the Sushi selection is ever-present and the Carving station will offer Roasted duck with jus, and Grilled chicken with lemon. The Garnishes will include Pommery mashed potato, Steamed cabbage with apple, and Steamed and grilled vegetables, and among the Desserts will be Bejgli, Gerbeaud slice, Gingerbread panna cotta, Hungarian snow crescents, and Vanilla- poppy seed cake.

The Kid’s corner offering will change to Pasta with pink sauce, Steamed chicken thigh and Meat balls in onion sauce.

The December 9, 16 and 23 Sunday Brunches come in a Bubbly Package with local sparkling wine, juices, mineral water, coffee and tea for HUF 12,900 or a Gourmet Package with local premium sparkling wine, wine selection, beer, juices, mineral water, coffee and tea costing HUF 14,900. Children aged up to 5 years old eat for free and 6-17 years old receive a 50% discount on the bubbly package price. A 12% service charge is added to the bill and Brunch guests receive two hours of free parking in the InterContinental garage.

The InterContinental’s Magical Christmas Dinner on December 24 begins at 7pm and offers another special experience among enchanting decorations and live music. The chefs promise tastes of home dreamed up in a special way and the highlights include two Soups, namely Ginger pumpkin soup and Hungarian festive fish soup. Pasta dishes will feature Beetroot risotto and Gnocchi with porcini, and the Main dishes will include Stuffed cabbage, Confit of duck leg, Fried carp with sauce tartar, Deer loin with orange, red wine sauce and porcini, and Pike perch “Kárpáti” with crayfish and mushroom cream dill ragout.

The Carving station will feature Roasted beef rib eye, Yorkshire pudding, green pepper sauce, and Roasted turkey stuffed with prunes, and chestnut with sage jus. Garnishes will include Potato croquette, Celery mashed potato, and Red cabbage with caramelised apples. Among the desserts will be Bejgli, Gingerbread, Hungarian snow crescents and “Csöröge” donut with apricot marmalade.

The Christmas Dinner comes in a Standard Package with Buffet dinner, Sauska sparkling wine, coffee and tea, for HUF 18,900, or a Premium Package comprising Buffet dinner, Sauska sparkling wine, wine selection, beer, soft drinks, coffee and tea, costing HUF 24,900. There is a 12% service charge. Children 0-5 years old eat for free and 6-17 year olds receive 50% discount.

Just in case people have opted for the hustle and bustle of cooking at home for Christmas Eve, the InterContinental hopes to tempt them with the Relaxed Christmas Meals it will host on Christmas Day itself and Boxing Day, December 25 and 26.

These brunches will feature fine local and international flavours, with highlights including two soups, Hungarian festive fish soup and “Újházi” chicken consommé with semolina dumpling, and two Pasta dishes, Risotto with wild mushroom and truffle, and Potato noodle with spinach cream sauce. Among the Mains will be Stuffed cabbage, Pistachio and sage stuffed chicken breast, Blue cheese and confit tomato gratinated veal loin, Wild boar stew cooked with red wine and porcini mushroom, and Roasted turkey breast stuffed with prunes, and chestnut with sage jus.

The Carving station will have Confit of duck leg and Roasted lamb shoulder, with the Garnishes including Mashed potato, Steamed vegetable and Bacon-wrapped green beans. Desserts will include Bejgli, Sacher cake, Fruit-cottage cheesecake, and Gingerbread mousse with plum ragout.

These Relaxed Christmas Meals come in a Bubbly Package offering Buffet dinner, Sauska sparkling wine, coffee and tea for HUF 14,900, and a Gourmet Package comprising Buffet dinner, Sauska sparkling wine, wine selection, beer, soft drinks, coffee and tea costing HUF 16,900. Each has a 12% service charge and the usual discounts for children, with 0-5 years old eating for free and 6-17 years old receiving 50% discount.

The InterContinental’s Corso Restaurant seats 250 people.

Last June the hotel launched a cocktail selection inspired by Hungarian inventions, such as the Sip of Sweetness, modeled on the Hungarian safety match, and A Taste of a Rubik’s Cube, inspired by you-know-what. These have now been joined by the Hologram cocktail, with Christmas flavours to match this festive season.

InterContinental® Budapest Corso Restaurant
Apáczai Csere Janos utca 12-14, Budapest, 1052.
Tel.: +36-1 327-6392
E-mail: restaurant@corso.hu

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