The exhibition received its vernissage, or preview, at Budapest's Hotel Benczúr on November 6 before opening the following day, a full moon night and a deliberate choice because women have long been believed to share a deeply felt connection with the heavenly body.

"Cherchez la Femme" is subtitled "7 Női alkotó, 7 Napig" (7 Creative Women, For 7 Days) and the seven hobby painters involved are Maharani, of Indonesia, Chile's Ambassador to Hungary Verónica Chahin, and five Hungarians: Hunya Márta, Bernhardt Veronika, Nagy Gyöngyi, Fülöp Viktória and Veress Gabi.

Ambassador Chahin said the seven of them had not known each other before the exhibition but it turned out that they all had a common colour and passion in their painting. The ambassador said she had started painting almost 30 years ago when she was posted to Amsterdam to re-open the Chilean Consulate General, and she had been in and out of the hobby ever since.

# Ambassador Chahin and her paintings

She mainly painted women and flowers, and had given away most of her artwork as an act of love to people she cared about. The paintings should be on a wall to be alive.

Painting allows a person to enter a special state of mind, Ambassador Chahin said. It brought into play the other side of the brain, enabling enrichened, clearer thinking. It was important for humans to have this balance to become better persons. Her work tried to express movement and colour, because this was what life was about.

Hunya Márta said she had only started painting a year ago, and she did not use many colours because she was more interested in capturing peace and quiet.

# Hunya Márta and her work

# Bézi Péter

Bézi said women are more sensitive than men, and this is reflected in the work on show. His Fiatal Művészek Galériája (Young Artists Gallery) has come to rest in the Hotel Benczúr in District VI after years in the now-redeveloped Danubius Hotel Helia in District XIII.

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