The play asks, What if we are part of a multiverse (a hypothetical group of multiple universes including the universe in which humans live? What if at any given moment, several outcomes co-exist simultaneously? What if every decision we've ever and never made already exists in this vast ensemble of parallel universes?

The Telegraph reviewer in London had this to say of "Constellations": "A boy-meets-girl romantic comedy which shades into something much sadder. Roland is an easygoing chap who makes his living as a bee-keeper. At a barbecue he meets Marianne, a warm, intelligent, and witty woman who works at Sussex University in the field of quantum cosmology. The piece expands into an investigation of free will and the huge role that chance plays in our lives. Rich script that is simple and colloquial on the surface, but uncovers the deeper meanings of life, love and loss."

Another critic calls it a "breathtaking exploration of alternative universes inspired by his [Payne’s] father’s early death". Payne says that for him, writing in general "is a way of wrestling with the things I don’t really know about".

"Constellations" is his most famous play and its success enabled him to get a mortgage on a house in Peckham, London, he shares with his wife, Minna Sharpe, a producer at the Royal Court, and their young daughter. He is in his mid-30s, and his first major drama, "If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet", won the 2009 George Devine Award.

Čarna Kršul

Director Čarna Kršul is a Budapest expat from Croatia, the daughter of a well-known Croatian poet and a painter, giving her a deep interest in the artistic side of life.

Cast: Norbert Matola, Čarna Kršul
Choreography: János Feledi
Stage design: Tina Tomulić
Music design: Marco Bonetti
Photography: Mania Karimianpour
Costume design: Marija Cupovic
Visual design: Zsófi Forrás
Director: Čarna Kršul

"Constellations", Fém Arts & Café, Váci utca 40, District V, on November 3, 7-8.30pm.
Tickets: online HUF 2500, at door HUF 3500!/simultankasimultanka/?ref=bookmarks

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