The grand opening of La Fabbrica took place about two months ago and you can immediately see that this newcomer to the quite crowded Italian scene aims to please. "In terms of quality, we will quickly surpass the other similar restaurants in the area," says CEO Örs Csizmadia confidently.

Naked brickwork and industrial charm

este'r partners, which was responsible for the interior design of the about 1000-square-metre property, found ideal conditions to let their passion for industrial architecture go wild. The look of the brown-red brickwork gives a rustic impression. Simple, yet elegant furniture and futuristic glass lamps give the restaurant a modern touch. Unpainted pipes and other industrial-style lamps also support the image of a "small factory" in which the pasta virtually rolls off the treadmill. Although the restaurant offers space for nearly 300 people, the separate rooms and hidden sitting areas provide a sense of intimacy even when the house is full.


With a flair for traditions and aesthetic

La Fabbrica has found a genuine Italian chef who not only works with great sensitivity to the traditions of southern Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, but also displays the simple elegance that comes to mind when you think about Italian restaurants. Coming from Naples, Mario Palermo obviously has a special place in his heart for pizza and pasta, and this is reflected in the menu.

The latter comes not only in combination with many different sauces and ingredients, but also in very different forms: both homemade and ready-made pasta are available, with the factory version coming from the Italian manufacturer Vicidomini, which is famous for its artisan noodles being air-dried in a particularly time-consuming process.

A special recommendation among the pasta dishes is the maccheroni alla carbonara, prepared with egg yolks, Tuscan bacon and pecorino, or the Scialatiello allo scoglio, a thick and short fettuccine or linguine-like pasta featuring a rectangular cross section made with seafood.

While the pizzas at La Fabbrica are mainly the well-known classics, the high-quality ingredients definitely make them worth a try.

Good news for those who suffer from gluten intolerance and for who a visit to the neighbourhood Italian restaurant usually consists of a salad: all pizzas and pastas can also be ordered in gluten-free version. The same applies to lactose intolerance.

In addition to pizzas and pasta the grilled dishes are the highlights of the menu. The reason for this is the state-of-the-art three-storey grill, in which the meat is not only seared but also receives a pleasant smoke flavour.


If you still have room for a dessert, you should not miss the Cheesecake della Fabbrica: instead of a compact piece of cake, here you will get a dessert broken down into its individual ingredients: the combination of cake dough crumbs, fresh fruit and cheese cream ice is just short of tasting heaven.

Carefully selected wines and cocktail creations

Although the wine list of La Fabbrica seems to have been compiled with care and, above all, respect for the international audience, we found it a pity that only about a third of the offers actually come from Italy. Authentic wines, which can be ordered by the glass, include a sparkling wine from Treviso and the "Le Volte" of the winery Ornellaia from Bolgheri. The latter is a well-balanced red with an intense fruity note and harmonious tannin that goes well with many dishes.


For their cocktail selection the restaurant has teamed up with the crème de la crème of Hungarian bartenders. The result: cocktail classics as they are in the book, on-demand individual mixtures or one of the in-house cocktail creations. Our tip: the "Smash & Pumpkin", a whiskey-based mixed drink with fruit puree and a sour, spicy-fresh note.


La Fabbrica finds a good balance between the desire for authenticity and the preferences of international patrons who don’t always have the most realistic ideas of Italian cuisine. Despite its gigantic dimensions, the restaurant succeeds in creating an intimate atmosphere for dinner. According to Csizmadia, the restaurant has a few things up its sleeve: in the autumn, the guest rooms will be supplemented by a hall that offers space for events with up to 300 visitors. There will also be a street-food kitchen, where Italian finger food will be prepared and sold through a window to passers-by. In addition, a speakeasy-styled bar will be set up on the top floor of the building, and, looking at the already existing infrastructure of the building, it becomes clear that there is even more potential in the place.

La Fabbrica District V, Sas utca 8
Open: daily noon to midnight, Thursday to Saturday until 2am
Reservations: (+36-1) 780-7112

Prices Antipasti: HUF 2550-3850
Pizza and Pasta: HUF 1690-4850
Main courses: HUF 3800-6900
Desserts: HUF 700-1850

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