Roth was born in Budapest in 1938 but raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he currently lives and is celebrated. He is here in the Cervantes for the opening of his exhibition. There is something casual about it: not all the works are framed, being simply clipped to a pin in the wall. And he uses marker pens. But, then, Roth, it appears, is a singular sort of artist.

His creativity is incessant and instinctive. He paints in bed and he paints in cafés. One conceptual work of 500 images was created on paper napkins at all the cafés in Buenos Aires. When the napkin works arrived at their destination slightly worse for wear, Roth shrugged off the damage as all part of his artistic process.

One interviewer noted that every time he saw him in a coffee house he was always working on his visual art, while at the same time conducting conversations with artists and friends. “Can I ask you a favour, Pedro,” a friend asked. “Could you stop drawing a little and pay attention to what we are talking?” “I’m listening,” he responded, still looking down at the piece on which he was working.

Roth has exhibited extensively in galleries and museums, and his works have been sold at auction. In 2010 he was recognised as a Distinguished Citizen of the Culture by the City Council of Buenos Aires.

It’s not sure when the exhibition which opened at the Cervantes Institute on September 10, will close, so interested viewers should get face to face soon. A documentary on Roth will be shown at the Cervantes on September 13 at 6pm, followed by an open discussion with the artist. Address: Vörösmarty utca 32, Budapest 1064.

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