Fragola has undoubtedly become one of the most popular ice-cream chains in recent years. There are now more than ten branches in Budapest, offering consistently high quality. The selection is big and sometimes bold. It ranges from dietary varieties such as lemon, rhubarb and ginger to truly butt-enlarging ones such as walnut (with over 100 calories per scoop!), salted peanut and gorgonzola. Fragola offers specials made with acerola or goyaba, as well as lactose- and sugar-free options. With HUF 300 for a normal scoop of ice-cream and an extra 50 for the sugar-free variants, Fragola’s pricing is in the midfield.


Various locations, including District XIII, Pozsonyi út 49, District II, Csévi utca 7 and District IX, Ráday utca 1-3. Opening hours: 11am to 9pm, more information at

Ajuna Ice Pops

Were you, as a child, also told that ice-cream made from water was unhealthy? Too many colours and aromas, too much sugar and a frighteningly low fruit content, but it is still common today. The Ajuna Ice Pops by József Szalay and Milan Szabó show that this doesn’t necessarily have to be like that. "We want to create a world in which what we eat is not full of artificial ingredients that no one can pronounce," the Hungarians explain the mission of their ice-cream. Therefore, the two developed recipes for popsicles with natural, fresh and high-quality ingredients, without concentrates, preservatives and glucose syrup.

The handmade ice pops are available in the fruity flavours of strawberry mango, raspberry lychee rose, mango passionfruit and blackberry. In addition, Ajuna offers milky variations, with Borneo vanilla and pepper, Sicilian pistachio or coconut. Their ice lollies go for HUF 790.

Three locations: District II, Lövőház utca 24; District V, Sas utca 7 and District IX, Ráday utca 16. Opening hours: 11am to 10pm. More information at

Dolce Intervallo

If you are looking for real Italian Gelato, Dolce Intervallo is the place. The establishment run by Alberto – a true Italian – is not the biggest or the most beautiful ice-cream parlour in the city but the service is charming, the scoops are big and the choice is varied. Every day, Dolce Intervallo offers various home-made ice-creams ranging from Italian classics such as vanilla or pistachio to exotic ones like pumpkin seed, dill quark and arabica coffee ice-cream. Alberto announces the flavours added to the assortment everyday on Facebook, always signing off with a "Ciao, Alberto". At HUF 200 per scoop, the price at Dolce Intervallo is also unbeatable.


District VI, Szív utca 26. Opening hours: 12pm to 8pm, closed on Saturdays. For more information search Facebook for Dolce Intervallo.

Mr. Funk

Mr. Funk is essentially a donut shop but for the summer the chain – opened in 2016 by Tímea Vajna, the wife of film man Andy Vajna – came up with a refreshing surprise, called the unicorn. This frosty specialty comes in many different variations but always follows a scheme: waffle croissants, a cloud of cotton candy, a tower of soft ice-cream on top and then another waffle that sticks out towards the sky like the horn of the well-known mythical creature. In addition, you can garnish your unicorn with Oreo biscuits, popcorn, marshmallows, chocolate chips or even a half of a donut. The whole thing is without question as eye-catching as it is a calorie bomb. The same applies to the price, because the oversized ice-cream creation costs a whopping HUF 2000.


District V, Octóber 6. utca 19. Opening hours: 9am to 8pm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 9pm. More information at

18+ and less

This ice-cream parlou opened this year and offers classics such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry as well as alcoholic delicacies. Have you ever wondered how a scoop of rosé wine spritzer, Aperol Spritz, Mojito or Tequila Sunrise taste? Here you can find out. To make hot party nights a real blast try the plum pálinka version.

Behind 18+ – which also sells pancakes – is gastro entrepreneur Dániel Balogh, who has already made something of a name for himself with other culinary oddities. In his other place Retrokiosk he offers a burrito-like pancake filled with stew.


District VII, Akácfa utca 27. Opening hours: 12pm to 10pm, Thursdays until midnight, Fridays and Saturdays until 1am. More information at

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