Prior to the above resolution of cancellation, EAOC did not formally inform the host, Taichung City, of any violation of or failures to perform according to the Contract, the EAOC’s Constitution or commitments that we had made. Conversely, over the past three years, the EAOC has ever visited Taichung with delegations led by its President, Liu Peng, to learn about the organising status of the first EAYG as well as to exchange opinions with each other.

Moreover, under the Host City Contract for the EAYG, signed by Taichung City and EAOC on October 24, 2014, Article 24 stipulates that “any dispute … shall be resolved through amicable consultation”. However, Taichung City was not given any opportunity to explain or defend against the accusations in Extraordinary Council.

Soon after the EAOC made this resolution, the Taiwan Affairs Office of China’s State Council released an official statement, claiming that EAOC’s cancellation of next year’s EAYG was due to the “name-change” referendum campaign started by some of Taiwan’s citizens for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, publicly and formally acknowledging that the Games were cancelled due to political factors.

The people of Taiwan cannot accept such a ridiculous reason that the political force could disrupt sports and prevent the games from being held.

# Chinese Taipei is Taiwan’s designated name for international sporting events

From October 24, 2014, Taichung City have been hard at work in preparing for the games. In terms of building sports arenas and organising the games, more than US$21.87 million (HUF 6 billion) have been invested to date as well as about 2300 athletes and delegation members from nine countries and regions were expected to participate in 14 competitions. It is a fantastic opportunity for the athletes from the East Asian Region to exchange and compete with each other. All of these efforts should be respected and not neglected, nor should they be nullified due to political factors.

We cannot let everyone’s efforts go to waste, nor should we ignore anticipation from the youth athletes and let them down.

# President of the Republic of China Tsai Ing-wen

Please join us in fighting for the universal values of sportsmanship.

Press Division, Taipei Representative Office in Hungary

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