Guests at the Summer Party were warmly welcomed by InterContinental® Budapest general manager Claus Geisselmann and Director of Sales and Marketing Xenia Seidel. They enjoyed dishes prepared by Executive Chef Gergő Gullner and his team, as well as some specially created drinks inspired by Hungarian inventions.

The night also featured a cocktail called Marian Beke’s Speciality, dreamt up for the Live on the Terrace series of events by the man known as a bartender legend, who was present to serve his latest concoction consisting of cherry tomato, cape berry, lemon, raspberry and orange.

Another cocktail at the Summer Party was the Sip of Sweetness, inspired by the Hungarian safety match, with Bailey’s, Coffee Liqueur and Grand Marnier. This was presented like a small chocolate and it was advised to put it in the mouth whole, lest the liquid interior spoil those special clothes. (Hungarian chemist János Irinyi, 1817-1895, invented the noiseless and non-explosive match.) This cocktail was accompanied by A Taste of a Rubik’s Cube, a new mixture inspired by Oak Bottle Aged special rum, Orange Liqueur, lime juice and Falernum Syrup. (Ernő Rubik, born in Budapest in 1944, completed the first prototype of his Rubik's Cube in 1974.)

The Live on the Terrace weekly events began in May and continue throughout July, alternating “Wine and Dine” nights with “Let’s Mix It Up” each Friday. The Corso Bar’s new and unique cocktail selection is inspired by Hungarian inventions, including the two mentioned above plus others called Soda Water, Vitamin C, Bíró’s Pen and Béres Drops.

The Soda Water variety has a creamy texture and its main ingredient is indeed the carbonated water invented by Hungarian physicist Ányos Jedlik (1800-1895). This includes Bailey’s, Coffee Liqueur and Grand Marnier.

Legend says that Hungarian biochemist Albert Szent-Györgyi (1893-1986) was not a big fan of paprika, but it was this vegetable that earned his worldwide reputation for discovering Vitamin C. The vitamin became a key dietary supplement and ingredient of the complex cocktail Bloody Mary. The Corso Bar’s Vitamin C cocktail features Absolut Vodka, Celery Pálinka, tomato juice and a Vitamin C Spicy Mix.

The Bíró’s Pen cocktail celebrates ballpoint inventor László Bíró (1899-1985) with a whisky, bitter and sugar mixture in three varieties, and Béres Drops is an espresso-based mixture combining Absolut Elyx Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, 43 Coffee and a dash of Oak Bottle Aged Béres Eszencia Drops. This is all in celebration of researcher Dr. József Béres, whose natural booster for the immune system was born in 1972 and officially declared a medicine in 2000, earning him the most prestigious scientific recognition of Hungary, the Széchenyi Award, and the title “Hungaricum”.

On July 6, Tiki cocktail culture will be featured in a “Let’s Mix It Up” evening with so-called “Tiki Maestro” Daniele Dalla Pola, an Italian who has mixed tropical rum drinks from Miami to Singapore, on hand to serve up his beverages in special Tiki ceramic cups.

July 13 will be a “Wine and Dine” night and promises the finest items of one of the oldest wineries in Portugal, the Real Companhia Velha Winery. The Hungarian ambassador of these Portuguese wines will be present to share some secrets, and chef Gullner will offer Opatija’s favourite dishes, inspired by Croatian, Serbian and Hungarian cuisines.

The following Friday, July 20, “Let’s Mix It Up” returns with a Japanese drink called Choya as the focus. The Corso’s bartenders will mix it into some special cocktails and, again, a representative of the rare brand will be present to share some details of this beverage made from ume plum.

Finally, at “Wine and Dine” on July 27, Gullner’s Hungarian-, Italian-, Greek- and Serbian-influenced menu will be accompanied by fine wines and sparkling wines from Kreinbacher Winery, north of Lake Balaton.

InterContinental® Budapest
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Tel.: +36 1 327-6392
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