The 250-page colourful book is called “Hoppla Mesei, Kirandulás Pécs városába” in Hungarian and was written and illustrated by Bartos in 2010. In its Bahasa Indonesian translation it is titled "Kisah Lonci, Liburan ke Kota Pécs" (“The Story of Lonci, Holiday in Pécs City”).

Erika Bartos

Bartos’ work attracted the attention of Ambassador Esthyprobo when the diplomat visited the Metropolitan Szabó Ervin Library in Budapest in January 2017. The ambassador subsequently became acquainted with and established a good relationship with the author.

From the meetings between the two, Ambassador Esthyprobo said she believed that Bartos’ excellent and educational work could be a lesson and experience for Indonesian children and open their eyes to the outside world, in this case Hungary. The ambassador expressed her intention to oversee a translation of “Hoppla Mesei”, and Bartos welcomed the idea. The project was directly edited by Ambassador Esthyprobo alongside her diplomatic duties.

The Indonesian version was launched at the ambassador’s residence at a function attended by Bartos on June 7, 2018. The ambassador said: "Children are the future and I really enjoyed editing this book. The illustrations are beautiful and very detailed. Usually, an author cannot draw. But Erika is different as she is an author as well as very good at drawing. Because of this book I was encouraged to explore the city of Pécs which is the background of the story, and see the history and beauty of Hungarian architecture."

Ambassador Esthyprobo at the book launch

The book tells of a holiday of three little friends to the southern Hungarian city and their experiences there, exploring the many historical sites.

The ambassador said Pécs has a great cultural, architectural and Moslem heritage, and therefore it would be beneficial for Indonesian children to know about it. She said Bartos' work is contemporary and very real, the illustrations are very interesting and detailed with stories that exist in the modern world. “Hoppla Mesei” was rich with knowledge and very interesting to read even for adults.

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