It all makes a nice story, and though today the recipe is a closely guarded secret, kept in the hotel safe, there is no hiding the Imperial Torte’s distinguished taste, and the cake has long since gone on to become a tradition.

Hand-made at the super-luxurious Hotel Imperial Vienna, cacao cream is beaten to an ethereal lightness then layered in between delicate wafers of almond pastry. The first thing you literally come across is its delicious milk-chocolate glaze. The trip down to the heart of the cake goes through almond flavour, marzipan and a slight hint of the cacao cream. All together, the whole sweet experience leads to a delightful crescendo of taste.

The Imperial Torte has become an internationally celebrated delicacy attributed to Vienna. It has been lovingly hand-crafted at the hotel for decades, with the finest ingredients giving it a distinctive aroma. The top of the square chocolate-covered cake is decorated with a separate piece of thin chocolate bearing the imperial eagle emblem.

The torte travels the world in a branded, high-quality wooden box that is tied with red silk cord and secured further with an ornamented red wax seal, placed by hand. To guarantee absolute freshness it is shipped exclusively by private delivery services. Stored refrigerated, a shelf life of up to eight weeks is guaranteed.

With its distinctive look and unforgettable taste the Imperial Torte Original remains unmatched, though now it has been joined by two further editions: the Imperial Torte Schwartze Orange and the Imperial Torte Mozart Edition.

The Imperial Torte comes in several sizes: King Size, Queen Size, Piccolo, Petit Fours, Mignon Solo, Mignon Double, Mignon Double Variation with one Original and one Schwarze Orange, and Mignon Trilogy with one Original, one Schwarze Orange and one Mozart Edition.

In 2010 the original Imperial Torte revealed its dark side under the name Schwarze Orange (Black Orange). Six crispy almonds layers filled with chocolate-coffee cream are encased in dark chocolate. Dried peel of exquisite citrus fruits is the basis for the delicious orange marzipan.

Just like the original Imperial Torte, this dark sister is composed of selected ingredients of highest quality and has already won many gourmets around the world. It comes in three sizes: the Piccolo, the Mignon Double Variation and the Mignon Trilogy.

In 2006, Austria celebrated the 250th birthday of the supreme composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was born in Salzburg but enjoyed his greatest success in Vienna. The Imperial Torte Mozart Edition is the hotel’s homage to the musical genius, affectionately known to Austrians as “Wolferl”.

With this special variation, the original Imperial Torte’s delicate nuance has been enriched by yet another distinctive note, a touch of pistachio, and embellished by an emerald coat of sparkling green. This again comes lovingly hand-wrapped and -sealed in an elegant wooden gift box, now tied with gold silk cord and branded with the W.A. Mozart portrait silhouette.

It comes in the same three sizes as the Schwarze Orange: the Piccolo, the Mignon Double Variation and the Mignon Trilogy.

Online orders are one thing, but the Imperial Torte is best enjoyed on a visit to the classy Café Imperial Wien, part of the Hotel Imperial Vienna, where a large chandelier looks down on the elegant setting and old-school waiters hover. Many acclaimed poets, musicians, maestros, artists and philosophers have been and still are regular guests at Hotel Imperial’s coffeehouse.


For further information:

Hotel Imperial Wien

Imperial Torte Office

Kaerntner Ring 16, 1015 Vienna, Austria

Phone: (43) (1) 501 10 ext. 313 or ext. 363

Fax orders: (43) (1) 501 10-355

Online shop:


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