Helen Li, our Head Girl, spoke to the audience about her experiences in the past nine years at Britannica. ’I have been a student at Britannica since 2008 and I am going to graduate this May,” she said. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to study here and I am sure that the years spent in Britannica will significantly influence my future career. I am currently taking my A levels in Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and Maths. I have already received a placement offer from King’s College London and University of Manchester, and have also applied to University College London to study finance.”

One of the most popular sessions with parents was when they were able to hear directly from students about their experiences at Britannica. Five-year-old Matthieu, who speaks three languages, is a student of Year 1. He said the best thing about being at Britannica was that’everyone is really friendly, plus using the swimming pool. Leo in Year 5 (9 years old) commented that he liked the library and having his best friends in his class.

Julia in Year 11 is taking her International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exams this year and commented that the school was an extremely welcoming environment when she first arrived in Budapest. Since those nervous early days, she has thrived. Julia had this to say about the academic standards at Britannica: English, Maths and Science education are incredibly strong here and I am sure that my grades will reflect that in the summer.”

One of our alumni students, Gábor, proudly returned as a guest speaker at the event. Since he graduated from Britannica, he has worked at several multinanational companies. Gábor felt that the Business English language knowledge acquired at Britannica had enabled him to climb the career ladder quickly before moving on to start his own businesses.

So what is it that makes Britannica such a popular choice for parents and children?

The key element is the school’s welcoming, family-oriented community. Children feel immediately safe and at home. Located in the beautiful and high-prestige green area of District XII in the Buda Hills, Britannica International School is easily accessible from other areas of Buda and Pest. Currently, 30 percent of the students are Hungarians and the rest originate from 56 nationalities. Many of these expatriate families are located in Budapest due to their work commitments with global companies or diplomatic work, resulting in a strong parental network at the school. The wide range of nationalities and languages spoken brings rich cultural diversity to our school.

Academic excellence

Britannica is proud to be a member of the Council of International Schools, a premiere organisation in international education for the accreditation of schools. The purpose of CIS is to enable member organisations to achieve and deliver the highest standards in international education.

The educational programme is based on the National Curriculum for England suitably enhanced to reflect the school’s truly international nature.

Holistic and child-centred

As well as the excellent academic education at Britannica, we believe in educating the whole person with a full pastoral programme in each year group, and an extensive list of extra-curricular activities throughout the week. We offer swimming training and water polo sessions for all year groups at all levels.

For the senior students, we participate in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Scheme This has been running successfully here for a number of years now and is available at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Universities have recognised the value of this challenging self-development programme, even assigning university entry points to its different levels. Our senior students appreciate the value it adds to their personal statement and curriculum vitae.

A vibrant multicultural community, an inspiring British curriculum, the very highest academic standards and a dedicated and caring faculty and staff all combine to make the Britannica school community a happy place for children to develop and grow. These features also make Britannica one of the most outstanding educational institutes in Budapest.

We are always keen to meet new people and make new friends, so please contact the school to arrange a visit.


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